How to quickly raise male potency

To restore erections and enhanced potency, you need to know the cause of the disease. In some cases, helps the consumption of products-aphrodisiacs, folk remedies or modern drugs. Men of any age has been hard on the problem, but not all decide to go to the doctor, preferring to deal with the violation of potency in the home.

increase potency quickly

The cause of the weak potency

In order to establish the cause potency disorders, the physician should make a diagnosis, which is interviews with the patient, external examination, and conducting blood and urine. This survey will help to identify the factors that have an effect on potency. Among them, the doctors show:

  1. Psychological trauma after an unsuccessful intimate relationship with a woman.
  2. Weight. With increased body weight and all body processes slow down, there is erectile dysfunction.
  3. Bad habits. Drugs, Smoking, alcohol, overeating is often the cause of poor potency.
  4. Hormonal failure, lack of hormone testosterone which is responsible for the sperm production and potency.
  5. Violation of the daily routine. If mental, the physical work is allocated more time than sleep, occurs chronic fatigue.
  6. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity.
  7. The lack of trace minerals - iron, selenium, zinc, amino acids, vitamin E, A.
  8. The violation of the blood vessels of the penis. This pathology is called organic impotence.
  9. Medications that reduce libido, for a long time.
  10. Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, migrated in adulthood.
  11. Inflammatory diseases of organs in the pelvis, prostatitis.

How to increase male potency natural ways

About lowering potency say the most obvious symptoms - premature ejaculation, weak erection, lack of sexual desire. Do not immediately resort to drug therapy and folk remedies to raise. Most of the causes are easily corrected by adjusting lifestyle and diet. If impotence is not guilty of comorbidities, the need to address the factors that affect men's health.

How to improve the potency

Methods of increasing potency

In order to raise the libido in a natural way, you need to improve the reproductive system and to carry out rehabilitation of all body systems. Using proven methods, you can quickly recover the lost abilities. The most effective methods include:

  1. Physical exercises stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, increase blood supply to the genitals, improve potency.
  2. Proper nutrition will help you lose excess weight, reduce cholesterol that contributes to clogged blood vessels.
  3. The rejection of bad habits. The experiments prove that after men stop Smoking, libido, potency increases.
  4. The rational mode of the day. With the right routine, all body systems begin to function fully.
  5. Exception nervous shocks. Measured life without worry helps to make the potency of the former.

In some cases, when the cause of impotence is hard to establish, but it is not associated with the disease, doctors advise to switch from one activity to another, focusing on the main problem. This method is very effective, it helps the men to escape. After some time there is a natural increase the potency.

Products increase potency

Earlier when medicines were not, raising the potency of using the products-aphrodisiacs that increase male strength and desire. Medicine recognizes that raising the potency is affected by food rich in important vitamins, improve production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. You need to consider that nutrients from food are not absorbed fully, so do not expect instant effect.

Review your diet, incorporate daily
  • honey;
  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • ginger;
  • meat and fish;
  • walnuts;
  • fruits - pomegranates, grapefruit, mango;
  • herbs - dill, parsley, spinach, Basil;
  • seafood >clams, shrimp, oysters.

Folk remedies

Tested folk recipes make raising potency and fast the body heals. They combine ancient knowledge that has been used for centuries, without the help of medications to regain virility. Warehouses and extracts that are used in recipes, dilates blood vessels, restore blood circulation in the penis, because often the potency is reduced after the occurrence of stagnation of blood or infectious disease of the prostate gland.

Herbs for impotence

Before taking herbs to consult a doctor so he can advise how to increase the potency without harm to the health of men. Well help to restore potency the use of plants that increase blood flow. The well-known folk recipes to raise:

  1. The leaves and flowers of dandelion chop and pour hot water. The infusion of the chilled drink after a meal.
  2. Fresh nettle leaves scalded with boiling water, finely chop, add salt, add a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Prepare a decoction of St. John's wort is to place the grass in an enamel bowl, cover with water and bring to boil on low heat.
  4. Swamp air grind and use as a salad or pour alcohol to prepare a tincture that you drink 2 times/day at 15-20 g
The potency of how to raise at home

How to raise potency pills

Modern drugs differ in effectiveness, allow to cure man, to raise the potency in one day. However, it is not recommended to take the medicine without the doctor's recommendation. Most funds are for potency active ingredients that provide the body with a high dose of male hormones. They have a lot of contraindications, which you need to study in detail before use.

Natural products

All drugs for potency that you can buy in the pharmacy are divided into synthetic and natural. Drugs and dietary Supplements in the form of tablets, drops, capsules, which belong to the second category, is harmless, if taken according to the instructions. Well proven drugs that help to enhance the potency and treat diseases associated with violations functions.

Exercises to restore potency in men

If you add the use of special complexes, it is possible to obtain the gain and a raising of a potentiality. With their help train the muscles of the perineum and press restore blood flow to the penis. With regular loads will be improvements in a few days after the start of training. The lessons can be held during breaks at work or in the evening for 1.5 hours before bedtime:

  1. Lie on the floor, arms stretched along the body, legs to raise up and make for the head, to fix on a minute.
  2. Sitting on a chair, stretch the perineum muscles and anus, hold for 10 seconds, then relax.
  3. Sit on the edge of the chair, lean slightly forward, pull the stomach and to exert much press, 10 seconds, and relax.

Increased potency in men after 50

After 50 years of problems with potency are exacerbated by the presence of other diseases. With the emergence of sexual dysfunction in adulthood, a man should not get carried away with self-treatment, and undergo a full examination and consultation. If after this serious violation of potency is not detected, it is possible to use physiotherapy, diet, the normal daily routine or the most effective folk recipes.