That enhances potency in men?

In the Arsenal of human knowledge in the field of medicine has accumulated a lot of information about what affects the enhancement of potency in men. Sexual health is an important part of the comprehensive human health, both emotional and physical.

the increased potency

According to statistics, almost every third man at least once in their life had problems of a sexual nature that are associated with potency. Such problems can occur at any age due to many reasons (stress, trauma, etc.). Erectile dysfunction can have both temporary and permanent. In the second case, it is necessary to consult a specialist for professional help. If this is a rare and short-lived phenomenon, you can try to resolve the problem yourself.

Factors that negatively affect male libido

Before talking about that has a positive impact on the increased potency, will understand what factors negatively influence on the male libido. These include:

  • improper diet;
  • alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • weight;
  • exhaustion;
  • chronic stress;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes.

The reasons can be a lot. If the cause of lowering of potency was the stress, the best medicine is rest and relaxation. You can treat your man aromatic bath or massage. In cases when problems with potency associated with any disease, it is primarily necessary to treat the main disease. In other cases suggest to strengthen the body healthy and nutritious diet and reasonable exercise. It is also advisable to get rid of bad habits since nicotine and alcohol are one of the biggest enemies of testosterone (the hormone that is responsible for sexual health of men).

Nutrition and sport activities

When it comes to potency, it is very important role nutrition. It is important that the fat percentage in the food the men were not less than 30 units. Also, there should contain all the necessary nutrients. The main vitamins and minerals that affect libido are vitamin E, vitamin C, b vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Products that have a positive effect on potency, are as follows: dates, nuts, meat, fish, carrots, watermelon, seafood, honey, sunflower seeds, garlic, dairy products, beans, dried fruit. Not only effective, but delicious folk remedy to increase male libido is considered the mixture of honey and chopped walnuts. Mix equal proportion of both ingredients and take 1 tablespoon after a meal. Tea and coffee is also considered a kind of aphrodisiac, especially if you add ginger or cloves.

bad habits

There are special exercises, designed to exercise the muscles of the perineum that can positively impact the enhancement of potency in men. Scientists conducted a study, whose results showed that half of the subjects who have problems with potency, after a course of daily exercises and return to full sexual life. Those who previously could not hold an erection for more than 30 seconds after class has increased its duration five times. Workout took 30 minutes each day. At the final stage of the study, which was attended by 55 men, 40% of subjects regained normal erections, and the rest was a tangible improvement. Physicians also confirmed the benefits of such exercises.

The secret is simple. First, the man has standing to stretch the muscles of the perineum for 10 seconds, if he holds back the urine, then repeat the exercise in the seated and standing. These studies contribute to a better blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and can become part of daily charging.

Male sexual function and sexual desire is directly dependent on the level of the testosterone. Low levels of this hormone in the body can be a cause of sluggish potency. This is especially true of middle-aged men and older, as the level of testosterone decreases with time to approximately 1-2% per year after the age of 25. It is therefore important to monitor the condition of hormones in the body. To increase the testosterone level will help the massage of the testicles and scrotum, due to which even the nervous system relaxes and strengthens the immune system.

Since a sedentary lifestyle is bad for potency, sport and physical activity are ways that increase the male libido. If the work requires to be in a sitting position for a long time, the situation can be corrected through exercises Kegel, through which trains muscles of the pubic-coccygeal zone. The advantage of this technique is that it can be done even sitting.

Favorably on male sexual health affects baths: 2-3 times visiting the steam room for 15 minutes, you will feel improved circulation of blood and health benefits for the entire body. Trips to the bath must be regular every week.

Invigorating effect has a contrast shower in which you need every minute to change the temperature of the water. The difference in temperature should increase gradually, very rapid changes can harm any organism.

An unexpected discovery was the fact that male potency is good ice. You must finely chop and wrap in cheesecloth, then applied to various parts of the body, lingering for a minute at each site. You should start with the base of the skull, then move the scroll to the right heart and finally to the area of the scrotum.


There are many different medicines to enhance erections in men. Tablets are convenient because the effect will not take long, they do not cause addiction and side effects almost none. But it is necessary to warn about possible psychological dependence on these drugs. In one embodiment the sex without pills may cease to meet men. In one, a man, knowing that the result is achieved only through medication, subconsciously convinces himself depending on the drug and its failure.

special meals

Resorting to medications, many people stop the choice on Viagra, it has perfectly proved in the market. However, to take this drug should be cautious, or you can earn even more problems with potency. Because Viagra stimulates blood vessels, frequent use will result in the loss of their tone, but in micro-doses, this drug is very effective.