How to raise the potency before the act?

In modern medicine the concept of potency means the desire and ability to commit full sexual intercourse. This male phenomenon is characterized by a certain feeling of excitement, tension of the penis, speed of emergence of an erection, and the duration of contact. Under the influence of certain factors potency tends to weaken, which is not very nice for any modern man. The urgency of the problem of how quickly to raise the potency, especially if you expect a partner - rolls.But there are lots of solutions.This particular integrated approach, which is in compliance with the multiple rules and conditions of restorations.

Timely and qualitative treatment of neurological, hormonal, and vascular pathologies is guaranteed to enable man to feel at height in any situation. If the reason for considerable weakening of erection is the excitement, some experience, and fatigue, you can use the tips that are presented below.

Light exercise

Quite often a cause of deterioration of the reproductive system, and weakening potency are stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. To correct this situation, you will need to pass a massage and make a daily schedule at least a minimum amount of physical exercise. This is necessary in order to quickly disperse the blood and thereby cause the reproductive system to function at full strength.

It is not necessary to buy an expensive gym membership, just enough every day to do exercises that will help to quickly raise the potency. Or have the opportunity to do it before the act is another question. Let's go:

  1. Arch. In the supine position, pelvis raised, but the shoulders are not lifted from the floor
  2. Rotation. Feet are shoulder width apart. Basin are made a circular motion at the maximum amplitude
  3. Squats. Feet located at shoulder width. The squat is done on the exhale and return to starting position is on the breath

After these exercises significantly improves blood circulation in the pelvis that is automatically improves the genital organs. The benefits of exercise is the ability to not only improve blood circulation but also boost mood, relieve stress, easy ailments and drowsiness. This is important because a failure in potency often appears under stress or mental overload.

Swimming, Jogging, volleyball and tennis - all of these classes are capable of restoring the body after stress and quickly restore your potency.

instant increase potency

Proper nutrition

Consumption of food improves potency and effectively heals the reproductive system of men. There are some products that can be used directly before intercourse and thereby secure the blood flow to the genitals. This products with plenty of protein of vegetable and animal origin. The diet should include foods such as legumes, soy, lean meat and fish. Very useful to eat seafood, which saturate the body with beneficial microorganisms. Products such as nuts and honey it is an indisputable enhancers potency.

There are products that have a beneficial effect on the body, but there are those that have the opposite effect. In the process of sexual intercourse not to deal with certain problems, should abandon the use of such products as:

  • Mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Smoked and pickles
  • Sausages and sausage
  • Semi-finished products and various fast food
  • Carbonated and alcoholic beverages in large quantities

If you follow these rules not to use harmful products and to contribute to the diet is useful not only to quickly restore the potency, but also to prevent the emergence of problems in the sexual sphere.

Healthy smoothies and drinks for potency

Speaking of proper and suitable food, not to mention some healthy smoothies after cooking and eating which you can feel the quick increase in potency. These drinks consist of components that are aimed at increasing the amount of produced testosterone in the blood. Drunk cocktail provides a jolt to the male body and the whole reproductive system as a whole. Here are a few drinks that can play the role of an ambulance for the men before the night of love:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs and a little pepper and salt
  2. Lemon, 100 grams of honey and 5-6 stuff walnuts
  3. Sour cream beer 500 ml and 100 grams of sour cream
  4. 50 ml of cognac, 200 ml of Cola, and a tablespoon of lemon

If you combine these drinks with a light dinner with no fatty foods, you can count on fast inflow of blood to the genitals and to the automatic increase potency. Optimally suitable light salads of greens and vegetables, you can add a variety of spices, a small amount of cheese. Healthy smoothies can be used as a dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Light exercise

Popular recipes

To quickly and effectively raise the potency and stimulate libido, do not have to go to the pharmacy and buy medicines. You can use traditional recovery methods. In addition to low cost here we can note the absence of side effects, which bring the recipes of traditional medicine. Preparing such home remedies in various ways, but there is one important rule - for the preparation of the composition is required to use only glass or enamel bowl.

Especially popular among men who have problems with potency, enjoy special citrus-ginger infusion. To prepare it, you need to do the following:

  1. Crushed 100 grams of ginger root
  2. The product is mixed with the zest of three grapefruit
  3. The mixture is poured into 500 ml of vodka
  4. Stir everything thoroughly
  5. The tool is left in a dark place for one week

After 7 days of infusion, the resulting tool should take 2 table spoons about an hour after eating.

Another unique means to increase potency is the vodka tincture on pine nuts. Preparing this drug simply. You need to clear 5 tablespoons peanut, mix them in a dark pot with three tablespoons of honey is very liquid consistency. All are filled with vodka in the quantity of 500 ml and approximately a month left in a dark place. After insisting the tool you need to take 2 teaspoons three times a day. Before use, the infusion is recommended to stir.

Means preparing for a long time, but have a positive effect immediately after application. If at least once there is a problem with potency, you can purchase a pharmaceutical remedy and use it until the infused drug. In any case, delay the treatment is not necessary, as the earlier a problem is identified, the higher positive results can be achieved.

Healthy smoothies and drinks for potency

The advantages of a quick stay

To be sure that the forthcoming night of love brought only positive emotions, you should find the ability to not only make certain drugs and money, but also to carve out some time for a short vacation. As shown, for full recovery and a "reset" is enough a day about 10-15 minutes to sleep. This is an ideal opportunity to maintain a high level of health and physical activity men.

There is a must ensure that a daytime NAP did not exceed 20 minutes as you can achieve the opposite result. To prevent this, you just need to set the alarm clock.

Correct NAPs will be possible to compare the present with meditation and relaxation, it can provide an instant increase potency . For the reason that the time to day dream is given a little is to perform a few rules for a quick sleep. Need to close my eyes with a towel or a special mask to align the breath and relax the body, step by step. Beginning to be difficult to sleep and even more sleep for 20 minutes, but then this method of relaxation will become a habit.

Correct short sleep is a mental break that allows you to quickly remove all emotional clips and strained. The received power can be used not only to increase productivity but also to improve the overall reproductive potential. Accordingly, it is possible to solve the question of how quickly to increase the potency.

Important to Dating left a couple of hours and it would be good to know how fast to raise the potency? The video will tell you about easy and effective ways to improve erectile function.

Popular recipes


The question, which concerns the weakening of potency, interested in a large number of men of the most different age categories. If there are problems, the modern man begins to tackle the question of how to increase the potency. Do not despair, as there is a fairly wide range of medicines and traditional medicine.

Do not forget that to cure the problem frustrating and costly in time and resources, therefore special attention should be paid to specific preventive measures. It must be remembered that the reproductive system can work in full force only in a fully healthy body. It is important to abandon the harmful habits and maintain the maximum healthy, active and relaxed lifestyle.