Potency in men of 40 years: what needs to be ways to improve

Every adult knows the difference between male and female sexuality — man "always wants, but not always" the woman "always, but not always wants." If this abstract situation is a little more specific and add such a thing as the age, it is not hard to guess — basically the representative of the stronger sex older you are, the harder it will be given to sex with a partner. As a rule, a kind of milestone in my life a man crosses forty years, when it begins to change hormones. Recently began to grow, the number of those, who after 45 is not just reduced erectile function, but who does after that age "Rubicon" remains sexually dysfunctional. In this article we will examine what are the causes of impotence in men 40 years and if not fully at least partially solve the problem.

potency after 40

First let's define the terms and find out what the male potency. Under it most often refers to a man's ability to quickly excited, to start the sexual act to continue it for some time (from several minutes to unlimited) and complete ejaculation, T. Zn. eruption of semen. If the day is a healthy male can have sex several times, we can conclude that its potency is all right. You can also be relaxed in the case of a daily sex, even disposable.

The reasons for arising failures of male reproductive system

As you know, "nothing is eternal under the moon", and sooner or later all things are gradually deteriorating. And the sexual system of men is not an exception. But why the potency of men after 40 starts to "act up"? After all, according to statistics, every second representative of this age group "wants to but can't". When it comes to yet one-time "failures" or an adult not matter.

Not knowing the subject person started to explain the potency problems can age and as a consequence, fatigue. But this is superficial, not specific explanation. In fact, the violation of potency in 40 years is almost directly connected with chemical substance, such as testosterone, and it all depends on his level in the body. With its lack of any chance of getting an erection not only in 45 or 40, and even 30 years. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscular development and hair growth, and, interestingly to us, defines sexual function. As long as the man exchanged the third ten, usually all is well, the level of this hormone high and even increases. But then the situation changes opposite way.

40 years of weak potency can be caused by congestive phenomena in the pelvis. Poor circulation in this area is detrimental to the reproductive organ, after all, to a man has a good erection, the penis must receive a minimum of 70-100 ml of blood. Otherwise, the penis quickly becomes flaccid and unable to have sexual intercourse.

It is important to note that the decrease in potency after 40 was not the only age. Little of the necessary hormones in the blood men can be due to many factors. The most common ones:

  • irregular sexual acts;
  • drugs, containing testosterone (because of this, the body may cease to produce it by itself);
  • drinking often and in large quantities of alcohol, drugs, tobacco;
  • inflammation of the urinary tract;
  • obesity.

It is clear that all these factors are associated with the way of life that leads people. However, their poor contribution to the development of impotence can make a genetic predisposition.


Potency in men after 40 years — everyone has their own. But the prefix "im" to the word, without any doubt, can add the man who began to notice in my life the following symptoms:

  • weak or completely absent erection;
  • difficulty raising the penis;
  • difficulty completing intercourse;
  • frequent urination;
  • low libido.

Methods of dealing with impotence

reason potency

Indirectly, the deterioration of the situation with sexual capabilities and potency in General is affected by the psychological component. There is one to prevent a "misfire" and not to sexual intercourse as necessary – a possibility that on this basis to develop complex increases in the order. Each time a man is not confident in its potency, will be afraid of contact with a woman, avoid it. Often concerns symptoms of impotence become something of a hindrance, an obstacle before the next attempt to deliver pleasure to yourself and the woman. But the unwillingness to look weak in many causes that your visit to the doctor, the man postponed or even never decided on it. According to statistics, at the first sign of impotence immediately go to the clinic only 5% of men. Others instead, have resorted to the help of chemistry, starting to use drugs to improve potency. However, not finding out why it became possible to reduce the potency after 40 years, and began the self-treatment of risk in the end not achieve anything. Yes, it can't hurt whether he thought such emergency measures — the big question. Magic pill, which the problem with potency in 40 years would be solved together, does not exist. High, that can medicines prescribed by man himself, is to give a short-term effect, to conceal for some time the problem. Therefore, it is recommended to put aside all the stereotypes and see a specialist. Doctor to check the level of testosterone in the blood, determine the cause of the weak potency, if necessary, to assign one or another form of therapy. Also, most likely, will talk about prevention, which will give the opportunity not to worry about potency and after 45 years.

The main measures that allow you to be in shape and not worry about their own potency, are reduced to a few points:

  • a healthy, active lifestyle (doing any sport is welcome);
  • a restricted diet (in the diet is desirable to include honey, carrot, eggplant, parsley, dill, spinach, goat milk — they contain zinc, which is responsible for the production of sex cells);
  • regular sex;
  • regular checkups at the doctors.

While there are many national guidelines in the treatment of impotence. Unlike medicines, the reception of which without a prescription unwanted, natural means, at least, the man will not bring any harm. So many offer to start taking honey balm. To prepare it, you will need, in addition to the honey, aloe, St. John's wort and water. The resulting thorough mixing of these ingredients the weight you need to put in the fridge for a few days. After that, the balm can be applied, on average, one teaspoon, 3 times a day. Another popular way to preserve male potency after 40-45 years — tincture of mummies. 2 grams of this plant will be enough to dilute it with 200 ml of water. This tool also can be taken 3-4 times a day, but one tablespoon. On the third place on popularity — a decoction of oak bark. The recipe is simple: 20 grams of bark pour a liter of water., the resulting solution boil for 40 minutes, then strain through the network. Take 1-2 teaspoon. Thanks to this method dozens of men regained stable, high potency.

There are also some fairly simple preventive technique that does not require admission nor the medical, nor the people's medicine. This is a temporary abstinence. If you do not have sex 2-3 days during the next act, the orgasm will be accompanied by a more intense than usual, emission of sperm, which will affect the supply the penis with blood in General.


treatment potency

In the modern world with its rapid pace of life there are many factors that trigger a person stress and, as a result of this, problems in sexual life, expressed in a weak potency or full impotence. In turn, in parallel with technology developing medicine. Therefore, when the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction man must appeal to its possibilities. In its Arsenal there are a number of methods of treatment of incipient disease, from medications to operations. The main thing — not to gloss over the problem, but to try under the guidance of experienced physician to solve it. Only in this way can be restored potency in men in 45 years. And then the man can say he "wants and can".