Increased potency in men after 50: advice, diagnosis, treatment

Older men have problems with potency. Increased potency in men after 50 should occur on the basis of age categorical.

increase impotence after 50

What kind of information needs to see men of this age group?

In modern medicine is constantly conducting research, adding new, effective drugs that improve the potency and to overcome any sexual problem.

Male potency after 50 is a common pathology in the strong half of mankind. This leads to a huge number of factors, most often have a simple solution. Reduced potency after the past half-century, often associated with overwork. However, this is not the only reason. Problems men with potency of 50 years is sometimes associated with serious health problems. It is not necessary to forget and not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These included:

  • pathological changes of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of endocrine nature.
  • infections, viruses, bacteria that get in the urinary or reproductive system;
  • harmful diet;
  • maintaining poor lifestyle;
  • bad habits.

Often the problems of potency after 50 years connected with wear and tear of the body. At a young age has led to a strong erection however, in spite of age group men of any age want to satisfy their sexual needs, regardless of the health of the body. It is an overwhelming desire makes a strong half make mountains of expensive, dubious drugs. Moreover, men are little interested in the question of why decreased libido. The reason to look necessary.

Weak potency has a number of reasons that you need to identify and restore sexual functioning. Even men after age 50 must remain active. If you caught impotence, it means there is a serious problem. Men's health should be under constant control. Examination the urologist may not be necessary or temporary – is the norm. With the first sexual intimacy should be an annual routine inspection at the urologist.

Sexual health after fifty years

The lack of normal potency in men after 50 years is the reason for the low level of production of testosterone (sex hormone in men). Low production of hormone can occur at the age of 27, this phenomenon does not stop. In his younger years this process is not noticeable, but with the arrival of middle-aged and older the picture is more expressive, sad expression. Doctors call this term androgen insufficiency.

The sexual health of men depends largely on irreversible vascular changes. Up to fifty years they become thinner with less elasticity, which causes a decrease in microcirculation, which may reduce the erection. The aging process does not ignore the heart muscle, it becomes weak, which reduces the intensity of the flow of blood to the internal organs of the pelvis. Every year, in spite of age need to remember about heart health, because the smooth blood circulation, it increases the duration of a strong erection. Potency in men age 50 depends on the health of the heart.

Recommendations for treatment of impotence after 50

The sexual health of men depends largely on the overall health. If erection began to leave, so it's a serious problem.

Initially, you need to reconsider your lifestyle:

  • as much was made of alcohol;
  • how many cigarettes smoked;
  • which diet prevailed for many years;
  • actively spent time (sports, exercise, Hiking, etc.);
  • no excess weight;
  • were there any injuries and what kind;
  • how often had casual sex.

To improve the potency and hold her all the time normal helps regular sexual life. Under one condition – the partner must be one and constant. When the problem came up too quickly to be identified and addressed. We should not think that strengthening erections, better with the help of various medications, checking their effect. In fifty years for advice refer not to the pharmacist and a urologist. Specialized doctor will listen to the patient for his complaints, diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment. Medical therapy is chosen individually in each case.

Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction

The man who increases the potency drugs, should know that the drugs give a temporary effectiveness, and the cause remains unknown, and therefore the problem is solved cannot be.

Test is conducted by the attending physician. He spends a rectal examination of the prostate by palpation, assigns the collection of analyzes, recommends conducting additional surveys. Men are difficult to persuade on the completion of the inspection at the urologist. This is due to some discomfort and shyness. Improving potency will not come alone, and sit all the time on tablets, believing in their miraculous power, will not bring the expected results. Medical therapy should be administered only by a physician.

Medical therapy for the restoration of male power after 50

How to increase the potency after 50 years? The main cause of sexual dysfunction in men in middle and older age is a hormonal imbalance, and, therefore, medical therapy should be aimed at stimulating the production of testosterone or increase its pharmacological method (substitution, androgen therapy).

Sometimes the potency achieves the detection and elimination of pathologies which occurred impotence. Many patients use folk remedies for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The positive therapeutic effect is achieved by the natural increase of the level of the male hormone.

In modern medicine there are many different medicines in the form of ointments, tablets, helium. Recommendations for the use of drugs should give a subject matter expert. There are injections, patches, creams that increase testosterone naturally.

Experts, answering the question of how to raise the potency, special place in curative treatment give the balanced diet.

Thanks to the excellent healthy food that you can eliminate hormonal imbalance without the help of drugs.

A healthy diet should be foods with lots of selenium with zinc, vitamins E, b, C. the Main rule to improve potency is to lose weight. Overweight provokes a decrease in the production of testosterone, which leads to a pathological process of the cardiovascular system, which directly leads to impotence.

To normalize the production of male sex hormone just to introduce moderate exercise. For example, it can be a favorite sport (running, gym, swimming pool). Male power, largely depends on the activity lifestyle.

Men who refuse even at a young age from bad habits much later face problems of sexual dysfunction. A healthy lifestyle is a useful prevention to enhance health of men.

Healing therapy folk remedies that improve the potency

To increase potency at an older age is recommended a decoction of the rhizomes of ginseng. Preparation of the drug: the rhizome ginseng (100g) cut, poured half a liter of hot water, infused for two days. Infused with the broth simmering on low heat for about four hours, before the tool remove from heat is added 50 grams of honey and cinnamon (10g). After cooking the product it is 72 hours. Admission is carried out twice a day a glass.

Similar properties has Chinese Magnolia vine. The berries of this plant are assigned to prepare. With one spoon of dry raw material, filled with 200 ml of hot water, preparing broth, infused for a couple of hours, taken 4 times a day. You can use alcohol tincture of this medicinal plant. Tincture 25 drops is taken twice a day.

Good effective properties of fenugreek. Men older and middle-aged took the drug of fenugreek to restore sexual activity. The seeds of the plant are crushed, filled with milk (hot). Per Cup of milk, one tablespoon of seeds. The remedy is taken once a day.

Drugs for potency

traditional medicine

Choosing drugs for the treatment of male potency men of older age (after 50 years) do not need to try on your body, everything that is sold in pharmacies. What worked for one, may be detrimental to the health of the other.

All medicines against impotence, almost the same effect. They are intended to increase the plasma filling the cavernous body of the penis. Their difference is the different duration of the effect, the intensity of the impact. Besides all the differences, there are a number of contraindications for each of the drugs, so before applying you should carefully read the instructions.

If a man picked the right drug to increase potency, age-related changes are not afraid of him. Active life in older age will bring pleasure as well as in his younger years. Men who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, active lifestyle, have regular sex, rarely seek help from professionals. Their lives are filled with vivid sensations, voluptuous and intense moments of sexual intimacy with a loved one. They do not know what is a sexual dysfunction, live a full life, pleasing yourself and your loved ones.