Increased potency in men after 60


Sex is one of the main vital needs of men. And males feel the need to have sex at almost any age. But at a certain age threshold, most of them begin to experience serious problems with potency, although advanced age is not always a decisive factor in this respect. But in any case the nature of the sexual life of men changes over time, and raises the important issue of improving potency in men after age 60. It can be done and how, even at this age, feeling the joy of intimacy?

Why wait 60 years or more?

According to statistics potency in men who reached the age of 60, is maintained at the proper level only in 60% of cases. The rest is developing the so-called male menopause reduces the production of testosterone hormone almost doubled, sexual attraction to the opposite sex predstavitel'nicam is not so obvious. Sometimes a man may even consummate the marriage, but he just has no desire and mood. But still most of the representatives of the stronger sex, it is concerned about the lack of or low level of potency.

Note! It is the presence of a regular sex can stimulate the production of testosterone. So sex life is a kind of preventative measure to prevent loss of potency. To neglect sex is not worth it at any age – it needs to be regular.

What can you expect a man who stood on the threshold of age 60 years or more? In any case, it is to be noted that the sex will be more cautious, not as hot as it was before. The fatigue process will be faster. There are also other signs of age-related changes related to sexual life.

1. In order to get excited, it will take a lot of time – sometimes 2-3 times more than once in his youth. And even during foreplay erection not as bright as happened at the time.
2. The sensation of the orgasm will be less pronounced.
3. The size of the penis will be already far not those who were aged 20-30 years, even at maximum excitation level.
4. Lethargy and loss of erection occurs after orgasm very quickly.
5. Eggs lose their elasticity and become smaller in size, leather scrotum droops.

Note! Fertility in some men aged 60 years or more is reduced, however, to become parents, they may even in these years.


Negatively influencing factors

On potency reflects not only the General wear of the body and old age. Actually it can affect many factors:

• Smoking and alcohol abuse;
• nervous disorders, stress, psychological problems;
• problems with the endocrine system;
• diseases of the circulatory system;
• receive a number of different medications;
• improper diet;
• diseases of the genitourinary system;
• prostatitis;
• fatigue;
• overweight and physical inactivity;
• lack of regular sex.

Especially has a negative impact on the level of potency of weight. Almost all full men soon lose the ability to deliver and receive sexual pleasure. The fact that body fat is a kind of "drive" for male hormones, and their concentration in the blood is greatly reduced. Sometimes excess weight is the main factor that affected the potency. He also provokes and psychological problems – a man is closed in himself, considers himself unattractive to women.

Attention! At the age of 60 years of sex in a man's life should be regular. A break of several months may provoke a complete loss of sexual function.

Is it possible to restore your potency?

At the first signs of declining potency should think about the situation. It is recommended to learn about how to keep it at the proper level, and it is also important to visit the doctor with the purpose of obtaining advice, recommendations or treatment. As a rule, to resort to the use of drugs need not always – sometimes it is enough to monitor their health and respond promptly to negative changes, to eliminate the effects worsen potency factors.

Important! To think about their men's health recommended not only on the threshold of old age, and at an earlier age.

How to return virility?

To return and especially not to lose virility, a man must pay attention, first of all, their health and lifestyle. It is important to follow certain rules.

1. To control diseases of the genitourinary system and at the first symptoms, seek medical help. Only a specialist will be able to assign the most suitable and effective treatment that will help in a situation that has developed.
2. To treat any chronic disease. Especially do not leave without attention the problems with the endocrine system, heart, blood vessels.
3. To give up Smoking and alcohol, abuse of junk food.
4. Sex life.
5. Develop physically, do not forget about sport. Special attention should be paid to training of the muscles in the pelvic region. It is interesting that when going to the toilet men are encouraged to delay urination for a few seconds – it's good exercise for the muscles.

Men are advised to practice yoga, and with the permission of the physician to give the body and aerobic activity (Cycling, running, walking on the street, charging and t.. d). However, yoga can greatly improve libido and muscle tone. Recommended poses for the development of the butterfly and Cobra.


As for aerobic exercise, we still need to consult with your doctor and during the lessons to monitor heart rate. Intense workout, it's still recommended to eliminate with reference to years, as they require great physical effort.

Note! The optimal duration of exercise – 30 minutes a day. This will be enough to maintain muscle tone.

If a man has low self esteem or a number of psychological problems, do not hesitate – you need to see a therapist. In some cases, the correct therapy helps quickly to return potency to normal.

Diet as one of the factors that improve men's health

For proper functioning of all body systems is necessary not only nutrients but also various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the food men at any age, and especially – in the age of 60 years should be balanced, diverse, full, and rational.

In the menu you want to include foods that lower cholesterol, but also improve blood circulation. Healthy fruits, vegetables, protein foods. But from fatty foods should give up. Every day should eat legumes, nuts, honey, herbs, berries, drinking yogurt and milk. Useful fatty fish meat which is rich in omega-3. Healthy foods that contain a lot of calories will have a positive impact on the health and the potency. Salt intake should reduce to 5-6 g per day. To increase potency can bananas, seafood, onion and garlic and pomegranates.

As for drinks, coffee and tea, and also carbonated drinks should be partially replace with water, herbal teas, natural, fresh juices. Sometimes you can drink small amount of wine red varieties.

Note! The diet should also be uniform. It is not necessary to starve or overeat, there is required regularly and in small portions, in a specific pattern.

Recommended to drink vitamin complexes, drink the advice of a doctor dietary supplements. As for minerals, for men important magnesium and potassium contained in the grapes, kabachkah, potatoes.