How to prolong sexual activity in 50 years


How does sexual arousal

Potency is very subtle and complex process. In its formation involved several different systems of the body. The occurrence of sexual arousal depends on the operation of systems such as:

• Of hormonal background;
• Crockery and Cutlery;
• Blood circulation;
• Nerve endings.

The first process includes a hormone system. Initially, the activation of the hormone-testosterone. He makes to form the nerve impulse. The impetus comes from the hypothalamus. It activates the nerve endings of the penis. Roots irritate the vascular system of men. The vessels dilate, their walls increase. Blood flow in the inguinal arteries increases. Under the influence of blood circulation, the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. The skin is stretched and the penis increases. With the appearance of erection is a compression of the sphincter of the bladder. This is to prevent spillage into the cavity of the bladder. Orgasm causes the release of testosterone in the prostate gland. It displays the secret of seminal fluid in semyavyvodyazhie way. The secret is mixed with sex cells and excreted into the urethra. Is ejaculation.

The formation of potency involved mental system. The psychological state of man affects the libido. In the presence of various psychological factors the man's libido may decrease or increase.


The causes of deterioration of sexual excitation

After 50 years in the body there are significant changes. In the body weaken metabolic processes. Deterioration in potency is due to such reasons as:

• External;
• Internal.

The external factors include the different causes. The main influence is the profession of men. With a long stay in a sitting position in the pelvic organs is disturbed troficheskoe food. Blood circulation slows, oxygen delivery is reduced. Job of the prostate gland and testicles is not complete. This can significantly change the body weight. Increased weight also has a pathological effect on the health of the genital organs. Pressure excess fat, the pelvic organs are compressed and changing their location. The man suffers not only potency, but also overall health.

The external causes include the change in the psychological state of the man. Stress at work, increased mental stress, quarrels in the family cause deterioration of the brain. Man becomes irritable. He lost sexual desire. Rare sex have a detrimental impact on the potency. In these patients, a deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvis.

After 50 years the muscular frame of a man weakens. Many patients are not engaged in additional in sports exercises. When deterioration of the muscles there is a sexual weakness. To restore potency it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle.

Internal causes depend on the overall health of men. After 50 years there are problems with various organs or systems. In many patients there is an increase in blood pressure, deterioration of the functioning of the hormonal system, the metabolic process. There is a growing of chronic diseases.

The internal reasons can be attributed to various inflammatory pathologies of the reproductive system. Special attention should be paid to diseases of the prostate and mochevyvodyazhim body. The potency is affected by prostatitis of different etiology. The danger of the disease is chronic in its course. Symptoms appear through a large period of time. Many patients experienced complications, one of which is erectile dysfunction.

For potency dangerous and hormonal disruptions. Such violations often occur in patients who have diabetes. In this disease violated metabolism in peripheral tissues and organs. The metabolic process causes difficulty in the functioning of the prostate gland and the hypothalamus. There is a change in hormone levels. Amount of testosterone in diabetics is much less than in healthy men. To solve this problem experienced endocrinologist.

All these pathologies are accompanied by different symptoms that need attention. If it is violation of potency, you need to identify the cause of her deterioration.

The diagnosis of the patient


When violation of potency in 50 years it is necessary to seek help from a specialist. The doctor will help establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. To diagnose the patient applies an ultrasound examination, and undertake various analyses.

Initially it is necessary to identify pathological changes in the bloodstream of the person. In diseases of the genital glands in the patient's blood increases the number of leukocytes. White blood cells are responsible for the output of antibodies from the body. In the normal state the number of white cells is negligible.

It is also necessary to examine the state of the genitourinary system. For this is an ultrasound examination. The ultrasound can identify the affected area or inflammation in the tissues. If pathological changes are assigned an optional hardware survey.

For proper sexual arousal you need to install and the composition of the seminal fluid. After 50 years there is a reduction of testosterone synthesis, which affects the number of germ cells and the composition of the secretion of the seminal fluid. If a man notices a change in appearance eyakulyata, it is necessary spermogramma.

If you suspect inflammatory disease in the genitourinary system it is recommended to take a swab from the urethra. In the smear may have different pathogens or their metabolic products.

If the deterioration of potency occurs against the background of additional pathological processes, specialists conduct an additional examination.

How to improve arousal

After 50 years, experts recommend an annual maintenance inspection. With age, the work of the organs slows down, and chronic diseases increase. Many patients is not recommended sexually active. At a young age the stagnation of seminal fluid leads to the violation of potency, in 50 years this process becomes the opposite.

It is also recommended to adjust the following processes:

• Power;
• Physical activity;
• Pick up the necessary treatment;
• The level of vitamins and minerals in the body;
• Give up bad habits;
• Avoid extremes in temperature.

Men 50 years you need to carefully make a selection your supply. It should include various vitamins and minerals. To increase potency, it is recommended to adjust the level of zinc, calcium, phosphorus and protein in the body. Zinc is necessary for proper and continuous operation of the hormonal system. It regulates producirovanie of testosterone. A large amount of zinc contained in buckwheat krupe, Turkey meat, pine nuts and beans. Calcium helps maintain healthy bone and joint tissue. A lot of it is in dairy products.

Protein foods improves sperm production men. But we should consider the presence of comorbidities. Such kind of products is forbidden to men who suffer from hypertension and heart disorders.


Potency depends on the physical activity of the patient. In 50 years, many men are maloaktivnyi lifestyle. Increased mobility also helps to enhance oxygen supply to tissues. A sufficient amount of oxygen prolongs the reproductive system.

If a man of 50 years comorbidities should be treated. Therapy is prescribed strictly professional. You should accurately follow the doctor's instructions. This will help to eliminate various possible complications of the potency.

In 50 years, you should refrain from harmful habits. Alcohol based drinks cause the impairment of spermatogenesis. The formation of seminal fluid is more complicated. Also, these drinks entail a violation of the cardiovascular system. In the presence of hypertension and alcohol cocktails is completely contraindicated. Smoking also has a negative impact on the function of blood vessels. Active smokers filling the corpus cavernosum becomes incomplete. To restore this by using full of nicotine withdrawal. If you have different problems with the sexual organs are not recommended to visit a bath or sauna.

All these rules will help to prolong the sexual function of men. In 50 years the potency is easily disturbed. Proper lifestyle can reduce the risk of weakening of potency.