How are alcohol and potency

Often, before having sex a pair of lovers to drink alcohol, without thinking about what is the relationship between alcohol and potency. To answer this and some related questions will try in this article.

Alcohol relaxes the man, puts him confidence, liberating. However, we should not forget that the benefits from alcohol can be, but only if you eat it in very small doses.

the effect of alcohol on male potency

Failure to comply with the dosage and the abuse of alcohol has a very negative effect on male potency. Especially clearly this effect is seen in alcoholics. Among them a very large part of men is impotent, or have serious problems with erectile function.

You need to understand what processes occur in the male body after the receipt of his alcohol. In a small amount it really is able to relax and set a romantic mood. However, exceeding the safe dose, you can get negative consequences not only for potency, but also for overall health.

Valid dose equivalent to two glasses of wine. Even a small excess of this amount entails a violation of the functionality of the heart and circulatory system, other organs and sexual disorders.

Alcoholic beverages have on the body these impacts:

  • After absorption in the blood, alcohol is very quickly getting all the bodies. Acting on the Central nervous system, it provokes blocking nerve impulses, reducing in parallel the sensitivity of the penis. It helps extend sexual contact.
  • Low level of sensitivity has a negative impact on ejaculation, sperm quality, because it contains toxic compounds.
  • If the stage of intoxication is quite serious, it slows down blood flow, inhibition occurs in all systems of internal organs, respectively, and sex too.
  • When alcohol, blood in large quantities genitalium flows to the body. The result is fast erection. However, after some time, a narrowing of blood vessels, demonstrating the opposite effect.

How alcohol affects the potency

Most men do not consider it shameful to miss a bottle of beer after work. They don't even understand what is the harm caused to their health.

Sexual viability of men is responsible testosterone is a male sex hormone. It is necessary for the very existence of the stronger sex. But for the puberty of a woman in response to another hormone – estrogen. It's the rich beer.

Appearing in the male body, estrogen tends to accumulate. But the contents of testosterone steadily decreases. For this reason, men not only manifest feminine traits, but also develop impotence.

It is a mistake to think that beer is a harmless drink. In fact, beer is addictive no less than more spirits. It is worth noting that to cure alcoholism, triggered by the beer, much more difficult.

the effect of alcohol on potency

Alcohol and potency in men after 40-50

The impact of alcohol on the potency becomes especially noticeable if applied often and in large quantities. The negative aspects is expanding, increasing the amount of toxins in the body. Up to 40-50 years, this process becomes catastrophic.

Accompany him the following characteristics:

  1. First, stop dreaming erotic dreams. The norm is 1-2 dreams with sexual overtones in a month. This happens due to the decrease in libido.
  2. Sexual contact often occurs without logical conclusion – ejaculation, or with a significant delay.
  3. Exposure to the toxins contained in alcohol contributes to the development of apathetic state. Man becomes indifferent to everything, it concerns sex.
  4. Drink provokes vasoconstriction, reducing the clearance. This pumps, the appearance of stagnation of blood in the pelvic area and, consequently, causing prostatitis.
  5. If a man takes himself in hand and does not eradicate addiction, not eliminated complete impotence.
  6. Surprised no one reproductive system. The severe consequences experienced by the liver, its cells eventually just die off.

Men, for which alcohol passes into the chronic stage, are not excited and do not feel pleasure from sex. And 9 out of 10 alcoholics are infertile.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages provokes in men are loss of self-control. He no longer chooses partners for intimacy, engaging in questionable relationships. This trend leads to increased risks of Contracting AIDS, HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


There are state and tendency, when alcohol is absolutely contraindicated for use if:

  • there are relatives who suffer from alcohol or other addiction;
  • there are other factors that indicate alcohol problems in the family;
  • friends or family are concerned about the amount of alcohol you consume;
  • in the end you consume more alcohol than planned to feast;
  • the ready availability of alcohol "warms the soul";
  • the thought of drinking becomes obsessive;
  • after the consumption of alcohol there is a sense of ill health;
  • there are diseases of the liver;
  • diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease or gastritis;
  • there are diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Why drink before sex

Why did the man drink?

Often the assistance of alcoholic drinks appeal to those representatives of the strong half of mankind, who have a poor sexual experience. They believe that by a little bit of alcohol, they will become more attractive and hardy.

Situation when men prefer to drink:

  1. the uncomfortable feelings that accompany sexual contact;
  2. fatigue;
  3. depression or nervous strain;
  4. fear of failure in bed.
how alcohol affects sexual potency in men

Often the use of alcoholic beverages has the opposite effect and contributes to the deterioration of the situation. Therefore, choosing this method as a relaxing, it is important to adequately weigh its pros and cons.

Use before sex can be no more than 30 grams of alcohol. This number is quite cope with the expansion of blood vessels, adjust the process and help quickly experience arousal.

It is recommended to drink 1 glass of brandy of good quality. The consumption of this drink no abrupt narrowing of the blood vessels, so there is no detrimental effect on the heart.

We must not forget or ignore the fact that even in small amounts alcohol has a very adverse effect on sperm. Thus, when planning to conceive, alcohol consumption should be avoided.

How to restore potency in chronic alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, to cope which under force only to the alcoholic. Without his sincere desire to abandon the abuse of alcohol won't work. If a person is willing to make such a difficult decision and to return to normal life, you have to address for consultation to the expert.

Usually combined therapy includes:

  1. Absolute and unconditional ban on the use of all types of alcohol in any quantities.
  2. The completion of the survey. It is necessary to determine the degree of intoxication, the level of the lesion of the reproductive system and disorders of reproductive function.
  3. The elimination of toxins from the cells and tissues. This is done with the help of drugs.
  4. Establish sleep and rest. Only a complete and prolonged sleep may increase the effectiveness of treatment. At the time of withdrawal of alcohol dependence it is recommended to take an extended vacation.
  5. After cleansing the body and establish a healthy lifestyle for the recovery of erectile function and the normalization of sexual relations should begin taking stimulants. They are characterized by a short duration of effect, the poet should be before sexual intercourse. Before using drugs it is important to read the list of contraindications and consult about the possibility of receiving with your doctor.
  6. Not the last value in the set of measures on restoration of the given diet. The diet should include varied and balanced meals. You should increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits that contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Pay special attention to foods that are composed of zinc – an element that helps to restore potency. It can be: seafood and nuts.
  7. Way of life need to make more active, to incorporate into a daily routine of fresh air and adequate exercise. This will help to eliminate stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.
  8. To get rid of bad habits. Smoking has on the body is not less harmful than alcohol.

Only strict adherence to doctor's recommendations will lead to success and will help to normalize sexual life.

Restoration men's health can assist recipes of traditional medicine because it uses only natural ingredients.

The most effective recipes:

  • Honey with onions. Onion seeds are mixed with natural floral honey in equivalent proportions. Remedy take 1 teaspoon twice a day. This method is effective and inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • Garlic tincture on the water. Grind to a pulp 1 kg of garlic. To put it in a 3-liter glass bottle and pour boiled water at room temperature. Close tightly with a plastic cap, wrap with paper or piece of cloth and put in a cool dark place for a month. Periodically, the bottle should be shaken so that the garlic does not mentitus on the bottom. At the expiration of one month infusion will be ready. It should take in the following way: a glass of slightly warmed milk add 1 teaspoon of tincture and mix. To drink at once on an empty stomach.
  • A mixture of honey with walnuts and the juice of the agave. Finely chop 300 grams of nuts, mainly walnuts. Add 200 grams of fresh honey and a squeeze of aloe leaves 50 grams of juice. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, add the freshly squeezed juice of 4 lemons. Stir again and take three times a day 1 tbsp. spoon before eating.

Alcohol does not benefit the body, so you should not opt for this method of self-esteem and weakening. If there is fear of failure in an intimate question, it is better to openly discuss this moment with a partner. Together you will overcome this bad moment. A loving woman will always find a way to maintain confidence in their man, and if necessary, and to help him. And to alcohol should not use.

the influence of bad habits on the potency of men


Vyacheslav, 36 years

In College years we spent a lot of time in the hostel. Who has never had one? Of course the alcohol flowed freely, and nobody thought about its dangers. At this time I had my first serious passion for a girl, we met, spent time together, often sitting in the common company. Sex is almost always passed on deprimitur alcohol head. And tomorrow it would happen.

I didn't notice how alcohol became a part of my life, even just meeting a friend or going to a shop, I would definitely buy a bottle of beer. And I thought it was a tragedy.

Time passed and I began to notice that if you do not drink before sex, you can goof. I became afraid of it and drank more. In sex work, sexual acts were long, and the girl is quite happy. But as time went on.

To think I made a case when on the street the child, who was passing by with his mother, asked her rather loudly, "Mom, it's such a drunk uncle?" I involuntarily turned to look for the founder of element, only next to no one was there... Kid was asking about me. And I was only 29 years old.

Arriving home, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how I really look. The realization struck me with electric current. By the time I have sat tight for alcohol, drink not less than 0, 5 liters of vodka a day. Girls no

Rehab took about 8 months, but I was determined to change lives for the better, so in the end everything turned out. At the moment I've been sober for 6 years. Married with two children. Do not consume alcohol at all. In sex life is great, love the best dope.

Oleg, 49 years

I want to Express my support for the glass of brandy. It's not even improve the potency or quality of sex. This drink has a powerful effect on the body. It dilates blood vessels, helps to lower blood pressure, increases appetite, regularly fights the diseases and invigorates.

Well, and Yes, sex after a dose of brandy is really on a completely different level. The main thing – to know the measure. Do not abuse alcohol, but in small doses alcohol is the cure.