Means to increase potency: methods, vitamins

Many men have good potency to a ripe old age, others even at a young age "make mistakes", but the first and the second type are always in search of natural means to maintain or return "combat" state. And often, because of the side effects that accompany the taking "blue pills".

potency in men

The impact of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on potency

Alcoholism, Smoking and drug use can affect sexual activity and desire in men, and not for the better.

Long-term use of alcohol and nicotine dependence are called among the main reasons for erectile dysfunction even after several months after Smoking cessation and alcohol consumption.

Zinc, L-arginine and vitamin B to increase potency

Testosterone is the main hormone in the male body that "manages" potency, sperm motility and viscosity of semen. Also from this hormone depends on the libido of men. The reduction of its level even a minor one can lead to serious disturbances in sex life and the ability of fertilization. Causes of low testosterone production can be many, but the most banal and common is lack of zinc, L-arginine and B-complex vitamins in the diet. Add to food these substances, it is possible to increase or restore testosterone production.

Products with L-arginine: oatmeal, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, dairy products, soybeans, seeds, chickpeas and green vegetables.

Among the products with zinc are the most effective are raw oysters, brown rice, Turkey meat and cheese.

Vitamin B is part of the eggs, bananas, avocado and salmon.

The effects of stress on the potency

Stress can cause a decrease in potency. The ability to manage stress is one of the most important rules to improve male power. It should be noted that medicines are not always effective, and in most cases, on the contrary, lead to a weakening sexual abilities and needs. You can try to cope with stress techniques of deep breathing, yoga or talking to a therapist. In many cases, if the voltage goes, libido returns to a normal state, and when the reduction of stress combined with other methods, for example, changes in the diet, it increases the chances of success.

There are some natural remedies, the use of which may enhance or restore sexual potency.

Folk remedies to increase potency

Ginko biloba — one of the oldest tools that were used many hundreds of years to improve cerebral circulation. But the most valuable in the plant is considered a side effect of an erection. Thanks to improve blood supply to the penis means and has gained wide popularity.

Garlic "friends" with potency. Three cloves of raw garlic every day or a tea spoonful of onions can have a positive effect on men's abilities.

Astragalus is effective to increase the motility of the sperm. To prepare the broth should take 250 ml of water and add 30 g of powdered Astragalus. Heat in a water bath for half an hour until half of the liquid. Drink this amount throughout the day.

Pumpkin seeds contain essential oils and essential fatty acids and zinc, which is highly effective for male disorders. This is one of the best natural home remedies to restore male potency. You can eat them in a purified form, up to 5 tablespoons a day.

Good for testosterone production ginseng. The infusion of the roots of this plant (or a drop of tincture) is used three times a day for a long time. This tool improves immunity, reduces susceptibility to stress and normalizes hormonal balance in men.

By reducing potency (in the initial stages and at the first sign) helps the infusion is from a mixture of yarrow herb, calamus root and fenugreek, cooked at the rate of 2-3 teaspoons raw materials and up to half a liter of hot boiled water to insist in a thermos for 3-5 hours.

Sexual health is one of the most important aspects of man's life. Therefore, prevention of decline in libido is a pledge and a sign of a healthy body. All natural remedies need to be used only for the prevention or the initial symptoms of reducing potency. Running cases for advice is better to consult a doctor.