Improving the potency of exercises for harder erections

A complex of special exercises are simple to perform and does not require much effort, his main rule – regularity. But with all the regulations, the magical result of increase is guaranteed even without taking medications! Treatment of impotence has never been so simple – men get it done simple exercises for strengthening and gradual improvement of health.

exercises to increase potency

Advantages and disadvantages

Physical exercises to increase potency, described below, available man of any age and physique. Exercises are easy to conduct yourself – you will not need a trainer, visit a gym is not necessary. This ensures rapid improvement and increased morale.

Advantages of this technique are many. Main

  • Strengthens muscles. Due to this will increase reproductive health.
  • Produces endorphins and testosterone. It is possible to quickly restore the body, increase the manifestation of male power.
  • Is "output" to adrenaline, which provokes stress. Additionally, it is recommended to do improves the health of auditory training.

The only drawback is that regularity is the basis. Strengthening the state of potency after 50 years also may help you exercise to increase including erection! The performance is confirmed by numerous testimonials about the effective increase male power.

Principles of implementation

Exercises to restore potency should be properly performed. It is recommended to find examples of photos and video (especially home) – this will show you how to move correctly for the treatment, which rules apply, there is in them, and good advice. You must visit a specialist who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and know that there is impotence.

Keep active at every opportunity, for example:

  • Choose the stairs instead of the lift, even at 5 or 6 floor.
  • Go to work on foot.
  • How much time to move, and do not drive a car or public transport.
  • The exercises in the morning should become a habit.

You should not feel pain and other unpleasant sensations. Exercise to strengthen the erection gradually, gently, for potency is what is needed. For positive effect (gain) it is necessary to act carefully and gradually increase the load.

The correct treatment complex for men

Data best home exercises to enhance potency and improve it is recommended to perform twice a day – morning and evening. Don't follow a number of approaches to try to create optimal conditions, to warm up and stretch your body to increase potency, enhance and improve it.

Drill step

Straighten your back and arms down along the body. You can put them on the belt. Slowly lift up your bent leg all the same, right or left. Then just carefully lower her back to a few seconds to make the same movement of the second leg.

Alternate attacks, watch out for increased temp. The first time it is recommended to maintain an average speed of execution. In the process, you can connect home exercises with weights, if you are already experienced in the movements.

Exercise creates optimal conditions to improve, strengthen and enhance potency in men. Instantly stabiliziruemost blood inflow in the penis that warrants enhancement, improved erection.


Starting position is the same as in the previous homework exercise "step Drill". To perform slightly bend your knees and tighten your glutes, pretend like you're holding a stone. Follow the breath, follow the steps until until you feel a slight fatigue in the body.

Through this exercise, to increase potency at home becomes better the condition of the anus, improve it, strengthen reproductive functions, ensures the stable functioning of the genital organs of men.

On all fours

Remember that home-effective exercises to enhance and strengthen the forces become so only because of the diligence which performs, so be careful! The knees should touch the floor clearly in front of the pelvis, palms place so that on your behalf, you could hold a straight line. Of the foot pull is a prerequisite.

Carefully slide the body backward, gradually sitting down with the buttocks on the heels. Hands must be smooth. Hold this position for a while, feeling the muscles relax, the vertebrae are stretched, there comes a strengthening of well-being.

Exercise to improve sexual qualities of men prevents the stagnation of blood in the lower body is a positive step for raising potency. Warming up the joints of the back, home is a gentle massage of the prostate gland.

Control muscle belt

A man should stand up straight, back straight, hands down at your sides, relax and look straight. Exercise for potency (increase) consists of the following operations: you should do a normal breath and linger on the exhale, at the same time straining the muscles of the anus as hard as I can. After 4-5 seconds (at first – as much as soak) gradually exhale, relaxing.

Repeat the exercise several times, but don't forget to pause, to breath fully or at least partially recovered. Important point! Buttocks strain should not, try to put only the muscles of the anus. At first it will seem difficult but over time you will learn a good workout ensures instant gain erection due to such conditions.

exercises for potency

The impact on potency is the following: are homemade, natural, improves the strength of the massage and control the condition of the muscles of the reproductive sphere and its improvement.

Special squats

This gymnastics for potency guarantees the strengthening of the organs of the pelvis. The muscles of the buttocks are compressed and unclenched, whereby massaged my prostate. Due to this, it is possible to effectively treat the problem at home.

Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, straighten your back, and then run smooth on the exhale squat without creating severe stress (this is especially important the first few times). Reaching the ultimate goal, stretch out your arms as far as possible between legs. Pause for a moment, then begin to gradually rise again on the exhale. Upright, just take a few quiet breaths, to regain breath. Remember a gradual increase in effort.


Lie down on your back. Bend your knees, gently pull your foot to your buttock, without creating tension. Hands touch the knees. On the exhale, move them using the power of hand movements. Ending again on the exhale, try to keep your knees together, but resist. Repeat the exercise to gain not less than 3 times.

Training to improve and enhance male power is easily done at home, requires only care. It trains the muscles of the perineum, which is exclusively positively influences the potency of men and stabilization of erection. Further actions in relation to the hands and chest, which develops these parts of the body.

Autogenic training will not be superfluous. It is aimed at quick removal of nervous tension, fatigue. One of the home exercises – strengthening of the control of breathing. It is recommended to enter into a special, relaxed pose, close your eyes and feel the warmth of hands, the state of matter around you, to feel you breathe, life noise as it accumulates power.

Exercises to improve potency and increase presented above, it is easy to do at home. They do not require significant material and time costs, ensuring better, strengthening, improving the state of men available at any age and at any weight class. For the implementation of the training will not need a trainer and expensive drugs, which often just kill the health.