Normal potency and 60 years

In old age the preservation of erectile function becomes relevant for all men without exception. This is due to the natural aging process. If 35-40 years testosterone is produced in sufficient quantity, that after 40 years, its production gradually decreases and by the age of 60 is reduced almost by half, sperm become less mobile, the testicles decrease in size, the orgasm becomes less pronounced.

How to restore potency in 60 years. This issue requires a serious approach, as in adulthood, each man already has the baggage of certain diseases. Primarily affects the heart and blood vessels. For as long as possible to remain in the ranks, of course, need to continue to lead an active lifestyle, but do not be so reckless to visit the gym. Strength exercises should remain in the past.

Good potency,the key to a happy life

At this age it is very good to go swimming, walking, yoga, fitness. Morning exercises and a contrast shower – this minimum will also give a charge of vivacity. Review of diet and the addition of vitamins and minerals is one of the ways how to improve potency after 60 years. Not superfluous and may be an appeal to a specialist-sexologist. Some professional advice can establish the atmosphere in the family and give a new impetus to the development of intimate life. A fresh look from outside is always useful.


Aerobics will help to stimulate blood circulation, which is essential for maintaining a normal erection. These exercises are good for the entire cardiovascular system. Proper breathing that is used in the course of employment, has a beneficial effect on all organs, because of the oxygen enrichment.

A special exercise for the muscles of the pelvis. Male during urination should try to suspend the process. Repeat this exercise several times a day, it will strengthen the muscles much.

Yoga classes have a psychotherapeutic effect, and extremely useful.

A special mini-set of exercises to increase potency:

  1. Plough. Probably everyone remembers how in the school gym had to perform a somersault back. So the beginning of this exercise looks like. From a prone position on his back legs slowly climb up, and then head for the head. The pelvis off the floor. The position of the body from side resembles a plow. In this position you need to stay on for ten seconds. Once the exercise is not to stand up abruptly.Exercise does not tolerate fuss.
  2. Cobra. From a prone position on the abdomen slowly raise your head and body to the waist. All this is done on the inhale. You need to try to maximize backbend. In this position you need to try to stand still for 20 seconds.
  3. Bow. The exercise is performed from a prone position on his stomach. Bend your knees and try to grab them with your hands, gradually pulling the torso and the head up. After a strong voltage to return to its original position.

Such exercises should be taken very seriously, so as to avoid injury and muscle strain. Can't exert himself, the duration of each exercise should not exhaust the man. Before recommended well to warm up the muscles and joints, always perform them on an empty stomach. Better if it is in the morning or several hours before sleep. And another important detail: not to proceed with the implementation of the complex without consulting with your doctor.

How to increase the potency in 60 years with the help of diet

For good health should review the nutrition. Improvement of potency is directly dependent on proper nutrition. First and foremost, men of 60 years need to reduce foods containing cholesterol. Attaching to the walls of blood vessels, impairs blood circulation, which immediately responds potency. That means butter, fatty cheeses and dairy products should be excluded from the diet. All the same, you can use a lower fat percentage. Completely out of your diet to exclude fats is impossible. Also, you need to reduce the consumption of salt.

Daily intake should not exceed 6-7 grams. Salt raises blood pressure, contributes to the delay in the body fluid that leads to swelling. This is due to the large load on the kidneys. Recovery of potency after 60 years will be much more effective if a man to get rid of excess weight. This is not an easy task, since with the loss of testosterone synthesis, its place is occupied by estrogens, which contribute to the accumulation of fat, and this is regardless of supply. So, the correct and sensible eating need to learn how to control the obesity of the body.

Exclusion from the diet of white bread and baking, sweet, smoked and spicy food will help to improve metabolic processes

What is replace a favorite food. You have to forget about the pasta and potatoes. They will be replaced by vegetables – raw and steamed. As much as possible. Dressed with oil, they will serve as side dishes. Buckwheat groats, boiled rice and lentils as a variety of daily food. It's not all restrictions. Fatty meats also need to leave in the past. He will be replaced by lean beef or veal (pork should be forgotten forever), and best of all go to poultry (not duck) - chicken, Turkey or rabbit.

Once a day at dinner necessarily on the table must be the garlic. It is useful in all respects! First, it is a familiar and delicious seasoning; second, it thins the blood; third, can regain potency. And that's not all useful properties! It destroys bacteria and viruses, prevents the development of tumors, is used in the treatment of diabetes.

Based on garlic, there are many liqueurs that enhance the potency

To support the work of the heart, it is time to enter into the diet foods that contain potassium and magnesium. The list of such products varied. This lean meat, and fish, carrots and bananas, and nuts.

The increased potency is greatly influenced by the male microelements – zinc. Daily amount of zinc contained in pumpkin seeds – only 50-60 grains per day to solve this problem.

Increased potency in men after 60 years requires maintaining constant intimate life. At this age, harmful make a lot of breaks. Abstinence for one month is bad for men's health. In this he must help partner. Its task is the manifestation of activity, since the husband initiated slowly and if not reaching orgasm may be upset, which will only worsen the situation.

Men can not give rise to "withdraw" and start to analyze the failure

You need to try together to understand, especially if it was an isolated case. Maybe remind your husband that the failures have been in my younger years, when assailed trouble. The main thing – sex should be reasonably regular. Do not immediately turn to medications-stimulants. Only when the trend of the impossibility of sexual intercourse, you should consult a doctor. To restore potency is always more difficult than to keep it.

Therefore, the axiom is that her normal state is the result of proper lifestyle. Potency is reduced due to lack of testosterone in the body, there's nothing you can do – is nature, but the strength of each men this process is not to accelerate their foolish actions. By this age, it's time to quit Smoking and abusing alcohol. To drink, of course, possible, but hard liquor is good to replace dry red wine and lying on the sofa walking.

The more a man would move the better

He guarantees the absence of stagnation in the pelvis. In those cases when it is necessary to resort to stimulants, advice should be obtained from the doctor after a thorough examination, as a separate appointment of such drugs can lead to sad result. And increased blood pressure – not the sad.

Ginger and honey

Medicines for potency, basically, operate on the same principle: increase blood flow to the penis, thus increasing the sensitivity. The disadvantage is that the assistance is one-time. Impotence this medicine is not to cure. There are several types of stimulators – hormones, homeopathic and inhibitors of phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). The inhibitor is recognized as an effective tool, as it prevents the enzymes to destroy the guanosine-monophosphate required for erection.

Folk remedies

With the help of decoctions and infusions can also improve erection.

Ginseng root is based on it is an alcohol tincture, which daily one glass achieves the result

Ginger root, rich in vitamins and trace elements suggest to eat fresh. It may be tea, and seasoning to a dish, even pickled!

Useful fresh celery. It can not cook. Eaten the stem will add energy! But you can squeeze the juice and mix with the juice of other vegetables.

Walnuts will bring many benefits and potency, and the body as a whole. They can be used both separately and in a mixture with honey.

Honey and bee products are one of the first places in solving male problems. Some believe that it is chestnut honey is most useful to men.

Increased potency in men after 60 years is not a fad or a whim! It is a necessity, without which it impossible to continue a full life.