The potency of the smoke: how Smoking affects the potency?

The potency of the smoke is that part of men's health, which is subject to the harmful effects of tobacco. In tobacco smoke a large number of carcinogenic substances, each of which can cause serious illness in all human systems, starting from allergic reactions and ending with the emergence of cancers, certain processes in the liver or heart diseases.

Smoking and potency


All modern research shows that Smoking affects the potency of men.

Impotence is defined by doctors as the inability of a man to carry out sexual relations. The most common manifestations of this disease are decreased libido, abnormal ejaculation, decrease in production of male hormones.

Impotence is a permanent disease, so in men, it causes the negative emotions.

Doctors say that the number of cigarettes consumed does not play a role in the formation of impotence. Since Smoking affects the potency? Cookware — here's the thing.

In cigarette smoke contains nicotine and tar. The process of Smoking is very bad for the vascular system of a human. If a person smokes, carbon monoxide, which is released from tobacco smoke, interferes with the body to get oxygen, and this, in turn, adversely affects the circulatory system. Nicotine constricts blood vessels in the body of the smoker, there is a spasm. The development of atherosclerotic disease, breakage and blockage of blood vessels — all this is caused by nicotine, because of this, there is a loss of tissues heart muscle and brain.

Scientists and doctors determine the influence of Smoking on potency:

  • dystonia vessels (erection is determined by the condition and tone of vessels);
  • the appearance of plaques of atherosclerosis in the vessels (due to plaque normal tissue filling does not occur, and so erection doesn't happen);
  • low level of hormone in lack of sexual activity (when sexual intercourse is only a Convention, the endocrine system will not operate at full capacity).

That is why the answer to the question, does Smoking on potency, the positive.


For men it is dangerous to smoke cigarettes, because sperm quality may change. Reduced sperm quality, which leads to a change of genes, and this, in turn, may cause abnormal development and birth defects in offspring.

Effect of Smoking on the duration and quality of sexual intercourse. Scientists have proven that a smoker has intercourse occurs approximately 6 times per month, whereas in who smoke sexual activity several times higher. The average duration of intercourse in men who smoke is about 4 minutes. It should be noted and sexual pleasure: Smoking couples often satisfied and happy with the process than those who smoke.

Smoking and potency are interdependent, that is, if the man smokes a lot, and reproductive issues will be a lot. And even in the case of the arguments of some scholars about the maximum effects of Smoking on potency after 35 years of youth is also worth thinking about: impotence is not tied to youth or maturity. For Smoking at any age has a risk to get a disease that can spread to the tissues of the male sexual organ.

Almost anyone who loves to smoke, is a violation of hormonal levels, decreases the pressure in the penis.

It is worth noting that the greatest danger impotence poses for men, which is present hypertension. High pressure in combination with the poisonous tar and nicotine detrimental effect on sexual function.


how to restore potency

Medical professionals answer this question unequivocally: to fix you need to quit Smoking. There are studies that prove that if smokers about 7 hours before sexual intercourse will have the strength not to smoke cigarettes, that potency will increase. But fully to enjoy male potency, it is necessary categorically to leave this disastrous habit.

However, if the disease is in the stage of neglect, the individual quitting tobacco did not immediately return a man's strength, but it will be the first step to recovery.

If people stopped Smoking cigarettes, it will not return to him immediately healthy the potency, because quitting tobacco is a difficult process. It can manifest itself in stress or psychological problems: irritability or nervousness, aggression or apathy. In such circumstances, sex life not so enjoyable. But after 1.5 months the work of the vessels normalizes, is the correct tone and rhythm of their work, it makes a noticeable sexual changes: there is more solid erections, increases time of intercourse, libido becomes more pronounced.

Men in the period of recovery of potency in case of refusal of Smoking should not be abused stimulators of vascular tone, for example, Viagra or its analogues. The thin walls of the vessels after the long Smoking process can behave unpredictably.

Everyone cares about their health, the man needs to understand that the woman is happy and full and healthy children is the right choice which is to reject addiction. After all, the negative impact of Smoking on potency is indisputable and scientifically proven.