Beer and potency: how does this drink at male power

Some fans of beer proves that there is an invaluable benefit, others argue that there is only harm. Recent studies show that the beverage contains a lot of useful substances that positively affect the nervous, circulatory, and other systems. However, these results will not be permanent, if you start to misuse them.

beer and potency

Even such a weak alcohol can be addictive, which starts all the problems. There is a risk of hormonal imbalance, destruction of the Central nervous system, early impotence. To avoid such phenomena, it is necessary to know what Beers you can afford. Also with this frothy beverage, there are many useful recipes that have medicinal properties. If you use them, can even improve health, not to hurt him.

Negative impact on the potency and body in General

Many representatives of the stronger sex thinks about that, what is the impact of beer on the potency. If you are drinking a real quality drink made from malt and hops, of course, there are benefits. First rich in proteins and minerals, the second contains a number of enzymes that have analgesic, antibacterial, sedative effect. However, if there is a large number of dyes, sweeteners and other chemicals, beneficial properties is practically zero.

In the composition of alcohol is a small amount of toxic substances, including heavy metals. They adversely affect the endocrine system, namely the production of sex hormones.

The endocrine system

Regular use of beer in men there are failures in a hormonal background. It contains plant hormones similar to the female. Because of them there is a gradual feminization of the male body:

  1. Fat begins to be deposited on the female type
  2. Changing the timbre of the voice
  3. Increase breast
  4. Growing pelvis
  5. Weakens or disappears erection

The main negative property of phytoestrogens is the pathological transformation of the tissue of the testes and adrenal glands. They will be unable to produce the required amount of testosterone, and this means that reduced potency and libido. Without this hormone it also reduces the quality of sperm, leading to infertility. The female body produces about 0.5 mg of the hormone, and in a liter of beer it contains more than 0.15 mg (in latent form). Thus, at sufficient dosage, the man has all the chances to get a female figure and character.

Nervous system

Another adverse effect is on the brain. Although the beer is not a lot of ethanol, it is still enough to have a devastating impact on the nerve cells. When the dependency decreases the amount of energy in the body, all actions become inhibited. It also does not contribute to normal sexual contact.


Direct harm in the admission of intoxicating drink is on the heart. There is even a term which referred to this body from the abuse of people bullish or Bavarian. It dilate veins and wall texture, the myocardium becomes poor and is unable to work normally. Men greatly increases the risk of heart attack. All this affects the health of the person. Observed symptoms such as:

  • Palpitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lack of air
  • Chest pain

All of this negatively affects the potency, and in most cases the prognosis for recovery is poor. Doctors are trying to extend the life of the patient and not to give to appear the complications, but in severe cases people die within 3-5 years.

The abdominal area

Because the beer is carbon dioxide, it irritates the intestinal wall, the pressure stretches them. The bubbles stimulate the production of gastric secretion, increases the acidity. Men with gastritis, ulcers, colitis drinking beer is contraindicated because. Also in this alcohol contains a lot of calories that lead to obesity and overweight never positively on potency is not affected.

The negative influence of beer appears in other aspects:

  1. Disrupted urinary system
  2. In the walls of the heart become thinner, it increases in size and overgrown fat
  3. Several times increases the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis and other digestive pathologies
  4. Falls personal evaluation of a person, his mental capacity degraded
  5. Due to the increase in blood volume due to trapped fluid expands blood vessels, begins to suffer valve system. As a result, this leads to varicose veins and heart attack
  6. It stimulates the appetite, and is high in calories, so easily lead to obesity

If you start drinking beer as a teenager, has all the chances to 30 years to become infertile. Of course, much still depends on the environment, lifestyle, nutrition. If beer is your only weakness, the consequences may not be so serious. To reduce them even more better to drink only organic alcohol, and strive to combine taking it with useful food, or grass.

The advantages of the drink

But not so bad as it might seem. If not to exceed the maximum dose of beer for men's health, as for its potency, there will be no threats. On the contrary, it will soothe, relieve from insomnia, will be the prevention of many diseases. Are these effects due to the substances that are in its composition. Once again we remind you that we are talking about natural alcohol, and not its store-bought counterparts. What are the components of the drink:

  • The essential oil of hops
  • B vitamins
  • Mineral elements

To essential oils are myrcene, caryophyllene, farnesene. The first ingredient gives flavor hops, but its main medicinal properties is anti-inflammatory. Caryophyllene has a calming effect that relieves depression and depression, eliminates emotional instability. He hops has analgesic, diuretic and anti-allergic action which is transmitted to the beverage.

B vitamins also benefit the functioning of the nervous system, normalizes the digestive, increase stress, reduce blood sugar levels. Their work affects the immune system and cell division processes. When the lack of appetite, numb limbs. As for potency, with them, improves the synthesis of testosterone, and nerve endings begin to work better. Thus, increasing the conductivity of the fibers, and erection comes faster.

Minerals in beer, too. Most useful for erectile function is zinc. It is necessary for the formation of testosterone, the normal functioning of the prostate gland, strengthening the immune system. The latter is important because it reduces the risk of infection, any infection or virus. Magnesium strengthens blood vessels, makes the process of filling the penis with blood more consistent. Copper and iron are involved in the process of hematopoiesis, therefore, also very important.

The positive properties of beer are also a beneficial effect on the whole body. The man is getting easier to resist colds, accelerated metabolism and faster rejuvenates tissue. The drink allows for longer maintain bone density and elasticity of the joints, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice cleanses the kidneys, removing stones at them.

the advantages of the drink

The consequences of excessive drinking?

We understand that the beer and the potency can have both positive and negative correlation. Now let's view the consequences of the abuse of intoxicating drink. Signs that a man should refuse his admission, are:

  1. Beer drinking often and a lot
  2. Each time the dose is increased
  3. Appear memory lapses, like when they get drunk
  4. Morning after drinking want to drink again
  5. Night difficult to sleep, and the day tormented by drowsiness
  6. Only beer uplifting
  7. Attempts to reduce consumption fail

Beer drinking is as dangerous as drug addiction. They are often compared because both are developing very fast and difficult to cure. In 0, 5 l of this weak alcohol is the same ethanol in 50 ml of vodka. But for many a pint is too small where they don't stop. While the moral man does not consider that becomes an inveterate drunkard, because such a phenomenon he associates with drinks with high degrees.

The abuse of beer can lead to the formation of a large belly. Specifically, this lead dioxide and starch compounds. They irritate the stomach wall, greatly increase the appetite. Excess weight also adversely affects sexual opportunities of the stronger sex, threatening with development of diabetes (reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings) and a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones (directly affect erection and ejaculation). Other consequences of his admission may be:

  • Hepatitis and pancreatitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Pathology of the spinal cord
  • Disorders visual and auditory systems
  • The death of brain cells

Quite often the man who is immensely drink intoxicating drink, there is a period of apathy and stupidity. He too much affects the nervous system, preventing normal thinking, impairs memory. First manifested psychological side of addiction and then physical. And if the second can be gotten rid of, but to deal with the first very difficult.

Useful dosage

Modern scientists have proved that about 2, 5 liters of beer a week may harm the body can not, and therefore, the potency will not change. Those who drank more than 7 liters in a week, 2 times more likely to develop stroke, and advancing death. But you should pay attention to the strength of the drink, the weight of the person. For someone 3 years will not be harmful, but for the other 2 to be critical. To prefer the best dark varieties, as they contain more iron.

Even non-alcoholic varieties contain hops, which stand out phytoestrogens, so they too should not be abused.

If you drink at a time 1 liter of beer, you can assure yourself 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin B2 and 30% of vitamin B6. Also, such a dose would have a good vasodilator effect, which can be compared with the training when blood circulation is improved because of the stress. Start drinking better late adolescents and young people is too high a chance to earn infertility.

Recipes tools to enhance libido with beer

After we saw how beer affects the potency and how this effect can be reversed in a positive way, you can give a few tips on how to drink from a real remedy. The most effective for potency the recipes are:

  1. Buy natural beer (shelf life – not more than 2 weeks), fatty sour cream. In 300 ml of beer, add 200 g sour milk, then carefully stir. Cocktail drink during the day. During the week you can drink no more than 2 servings
  2. To increase the potency of beer, you can add spices. Take 1 liter of liquid, pour in several teaspoons of sugar and lemon peel, a little cinnamon and cloves. The mixture is placed on a slow fire, after boiling (immediately, so better to prepare in advance), add whipped into foam egg yolks with the sugar. Keep frying until the drink becomes too stiff
  3. Another popular recipe is a beer with quail eggs. Optionally, you can add honey.

A rather unusual dish to increase potency can be a soup with beer. To make it, boil 1.5 liters of beer with crackers, then add the mixed sugar and egg yolks sour cream (400 g 3 eggs). To taste add salt and sugar and spices.