Effective ways to enhance potency in men

For men full sexual intercourse impossible at low libido unstable erection, early ejaculation and lack of thrills. These points are adjusted regardless of the age of the person. After the examination andrologist, sexologist or other appropriate specialist about the profile, recommends to the individual the list of activities to enhance sexual activity. Among the conventional methods used medicinal, folk or other methods for improving libido.

Increased potency without medication


To make better sex life, men should first follow some rules that help to strengthen the erection. For prevention of weak potency need to monitor the functioning of the endocrine system, nervous system, cleanliness and integrity of the arteries, capillaries, health the corpora cavernosa, the muscles and tissues of the penis. This means in a timely manner to be screened and to treat endocrine, cardiovascular, urogenital.

To improve the potency, stabilization of erection, it is useful to maintain a good psycho-emotional level of the relationship with your woman.

Positive thinking, optimistic attitude and a constant partner will deliver man from the syndrome the first time (meeting), or expectation of sexual failures, as well as greater desire to make love more often. Sexologists recommend to commit sexual intercourse at least once a week.

Enhances libido in men regular exercise. Exercise stimulates blood circulation, activates the production of testosterone that improves sexual potency, relieve stress, increase self-esteem. Exercise in combination with proper nutrition, even distribution of work and leisure normalize the activity of the reproductive system.

To strengthen libido through diet. For male potency useful honey, pollen, citrus, pomegranate, strawberry, quince and apricots, and raw vegetables – carrots, radishes, lettuces, cabbage, beets, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers.

Natural aphrodisiacs include:

  • seafood;
  • beef;
  • eggs;
  • bow;
  • garlic;
  • celery;
  • dill;
  • Pasternak;
  • parsley;
  • ginger;
  • nuts;
  • figs.

Regularly by using these products, men are quickly restored potency and normalizes hormones. It is recommended to give up as early as possible from harmful habits to maintain overall health and functioning of the reproductive system in particular. Smoking, abuse of alcohol or drugs adversely affects the vessels and glands of the body.

Medicines to increase potency


If the examination revealed pathology, which affects the functioning of the reproductive system – prostatitis, adenoma, hypertension, other diagnoses, the doctor prescribes the treatment of this disease. If necessary prescribe a drug that enhances libido and improves erection.

To enhance the potency, used drugs, whose action is directed to the local irritation of the tissues of the penis, blood flow to the penis, relaxation of smooth muscle. Increase libido also using other drugs that affect endothelial and erectile function.

What drugs increase the potency of men:

  • inhibitors PDE-5 –drugs on the basis of tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • hormonal drugs.

It should be remembered that the medicines group IFDA-5 at high pressure can not be accepted because they may provoke a hypertensive crisis. Elevated levels of testosterone is a contraindication for use of hormonal methods (capsules, patches, and so on), which improve the potency. It is not recommended to apply the medicine without consulting the doctor.

Traditional medicines to increase potency

Natural substances stimulate the activity of sexual glands, improve blood circulation, can increase the body's endurance and energy supply. Strengthening potency herbs method you are allowed to use at home.

Among the herbal remedies for libido enhancement is appropriate:

  • Tribulus;
  • the rhizome of Rhaponticum;
  • ginseng root;
  • Siberian ginseng;
  • the lemongrass.

To increase the potency at home by adding a decoction of decoction of chamomile and Laurel in the bath, taking inside of the mummy, daily drinking a Cup of tea for men, which includes equal parts of parsley, cranberry and raspberry leaf. Useful for libido to use douches.

How to increase the potency in the elderly


After 45-50 years the representatives of the stronger sex need to be more attentive to take drugs and prevention of cardiovascular disease. For example, a sedative or against hypertension medication or poor circulation due to atherosclerosis, diabetes – can cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, before taking measures to strengthen male potency, it is recommended that re-examined the andrologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, and if necessary – in registration, phlebologist and other professionals. Excluding pathological causes of low libido, the doctor will select the best male medication for amplification.


Tablet and capsule to enhance potency used according to the annotation of the manufacturer or the doctor. Self-medication, any change in dosage or ignoring contraindications can have the opposite effect and aggravate the situation.

Local media

For the normalization of potency there are creams, ointments and gels that need to use externally, apply to the pubis massaged. They strengthen an erection due to blood flow in the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Perhaps in adulthood, weak erection when sexual contact is triggered by psycho-physical factors: discomfort or pain during movements caused by vaginal dryness. If the potency falls in the process of copulation, because such feelings will help intimate gels or grease (lubricant) for external use, which improve the glide.


In addition to medicines to strengthen the potency in the elderly, increase libido and enhance erectile function will help the physical therapy exercises that improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

  • March in place with high knees.
  • Relaxation-tension in the gluteal muscles and then the muscles of the perineum.
  • Alternately the separation of the heels from the floor on bent legs.
  • Frequent compression of the anus standing or sitting on a chair.
  • The rise of the pelvis in the supine position and resting on the foot of the blade.

Exercises should be performed twice per day at an average pace. The dynamics and range of motion increase according to their physical data, and doctor's recommendations.

To enhance male potency in old age need to use products that are rich in zinc, take, prescription, allowed dietary SUPPLEMENTS and vitamin-mineral complexes.

It is noticed that men who in his youth look after their health, undergo regular routine medical check-UPS and timely treat the identified disease – often experience a weakening of the libido after 40 years. The actions of men to enhance potency, must be accompanied by a consultation of doctors and regular prevention, active and healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, by other measures.