Products to increase potency in men diet

Among the products that increase the potency, it is important to note protein. It and seafood, meat and eggs. There are meals that are rich in vegetable proteins, they are also useful for the prostate gland.

protein products

Not all protein products are equally useful for potency, there are those who prefer:

  1. Seafood. It's oysters, squid, krill, some fish species (mackerel, plaice);
  2. Meat. The greatest benefit was observed in beef, horse meat, lamb, as well as dietary rabbit meat, chicken, Turkey. Some experts, nutritionists point out the special favor of the stomach of a camel;
  3. Vegetable protein is useful for potency. For example, to replenish stocks of the protein by using legumes, including soybeans.

What foods increase the potency stronger and quickly? For example, oysters. Oysters are rich in proteins, trace elements, therefore, are the building blocks of hormones of the reproductive system and spermatozoa, and ensure their mobility. Zinc and selenium are involved in the production of testosterone.

participate in the production of testosterone. When buying oysters, be careful. Experts say that some of the shellfish in certain places travelers accumulate mercury. This fact makes the oysters, which are used in large quantities, is dangerous not only for health but also for reproductive system. The second danger that lies in wait for lovers of oysters is the presence in shellfish Vibrio, which can cause several diseases. In healthy individuals oysters can lead to gastritis.

However, the Austrian doctors believe that these molluscs are useful for potency, but they recommend to take them in a different form. The experiment with a half-hour stay patients bathtub with hot water, filled about a third of the oysters showed that the potency is significantly increased, and after 5 sessions from the disease managed to escape most men.

Meat and potency

Meat refers to high-energy products, and for men it is a true aphrodisiac. Meat consumption promotes the production of the hormone thyroxine, which maintains normal excitability of nerve processes, and accelerates the oxidation processes.

Wealth micro - and macroelements in the meat dishes, and a rich vitamin composition of meat makes it an indispensable product for men suffering from prostate diseases.

The biggest benefit in diet rabbit, Turkey, chicken, and beef low-fat varieties, horse meat. The meat that is present in your dishes, helps to develop gastrin and gastric juice that awakens the appetite. This reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and this is directly related to potency, or blood flow to the pelvic organs.

To the use of meat was maximum, it needs to cook for a couple or with others. Meat was good athletes, but also persons with moderate physical activity or sedentary lifestyle do not overeat. It provokes weight gain, removes calcium from the body, the load of the kidney are high in protein.

Other protein products for potency

Products to increase potency in men variety. Your diet can be diversified protein products of plant origin, as well as eggs.

When consuming eggs it is necessary to observe some rules: not to eat more than 2 pieces a day, if you eat more, it should be only proteins. Eggs contain a lot of fat, cholesterol, so their abuse can lead to atherosclerosis, the deterioration of blood supply of all organs.

However, eggs are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, so the diet should not exclude.

What other foods increase the potency? One of the most useful fermented milk product is Mare's milk or milk. Milk of mares helps to restore sexual potency by improving metabolism, regulation of blood composition, positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. Mare's milk increases the body's resistance to infections, therefore, useful in inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system. The average daily rate of Mare's milk is one Cup half an hour after Breakfast. Individually, the dose may be reduced or increased after the consultation with an expert. Persons who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines, and lactose intolerance should avoid milk treatment mares.

To improve the potency you can use the beans in your usual diet. Legumes contain a lot of protein that is easily digested, because it is of vegetable origin. Protein is the basis for the synthesis of all hormones, sperm, and for producing high quality gametes. Legumes are also rich in chemical elements, therefore, affect the composition of the blood, transmission of nerve impulses, and also due to the content of b vitamins are calming manner on the nervous system.

What else to eat to maintain potency men

products to increase potency

Some products are not included in the standard diet of every man. But, nevertheless, they must be periodically included in the diet for the rapid recovery of potency and the level of immunity. Healthy foods for male potency: honey, nuts, herbs, dried fruits, natural fruit juices, vegetable and fruit, ginger, celery.

The best foods to increase potency men are walnuts. Each type of nut useful in their own way. For potency we recommend eating walnuts, pine, hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds. What is the difference between the nuts? First, a rich composition: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, manganese, zinc and selenium. Secondly, it is rich in vitamin a composition: all the b vitamins, C, A, D, E and K. Unsaturated fatty acids promote healthy blood vessels, protects them from deposits of cholesterol. The trace elements selenium and zinc affect the production of testosterone, increases quantity of semen, prostate function.

Almonds provokes the blood flow to the genitals, due to the content of the amino acid arginine, which normalizes blood circulation. Therefore almonds can be confidently attributed to the products for potency quick action.

Some types of nuts, e.g. pine, to help deal with immune deficiency.

Don't forget the root vegetables like celery and ginger

Celery is on the first place with other products to enhance the male power, because it contains an analogue of the male hormone. The hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, libido, sexuality. Celery has a specific aroma and taste, they can vary meals. Enough three times a week to add it to salads and soups to provide normal hormonal balance. Celery is especially useful to those men who have low levels of potency associated with hormonal insufficiency. In the treatment they prescribe replacement therapy male sex hormones, so the Androsterone in celery composition will definitely benefit.

Ginger is useful not only vitamin and mineral composition, but the influence on the circulatory system. When applying it felt a burst of warmth, because blood vessels expand, blood flow increases to the genitals. Ginger shown to individuals who are obese, deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, and high blood pressure.

Foods that improve potency, are quite familiar and available to every consumer. Therefore do not neglect your health, do not lead to needed drug therapy, use natural remedies. If you have not helped people's methods, you can use the best drugs for potency of the various groups, aimed at improving the potency and improve semen quality.

I do not advise to self-medicate. In any situation consult a specialist. This will save your time and allows you to quickly get rid of the disease.