How beer affects the potency of men: myths and reality

Any alcoholic beverage that negatively affect potency in men. But the beer, which in its composition contains phytoestrogens, bear the greatest harm to functioning of the male reproductive system and reproductive capabilities. This fact is proved in several large-scale studies. Look at how beer affects the potency and the condition of the body men in General. Intoxicating drink can be helpful and how much of it is permissible to eat without harm for health.

the effect of beer on the potency of men


Drinking beer has become a mandatory attribute of life for many men. It is customary to not drink only on holidays, but also as a refreshing drink in the heat or stress at the end of the day. Meanwhile, at least the beer is soft drink, has the same detrimental effect on the health of men and spirits. But there is in beer drinking and the positive aspects.

Gaius Julius Caesar said, "Beer... high and mighty drink". It identified a considerable number of healthful substances including beneficial effect on potency.

Consisting of hops, malt and brewer's yeast to produce beer contains vitamins and minerals. Part of them is destroyed during fermentation, but a pass into the beer intact.

  1. Magnesium and calcium are involved in the development of the main male hormone – testosterone, positively affecting the potency genitalium and function.
  2. B vitamins improve the function of the cardiovascular system: increase blood circulation, increase sensitivity of the genital organs.
  3. Estrogens prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body and reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes (which is one of the reasons potency disorders).
  4. Zinc and selenium participate in the production of testosterone, deficiency of which inevitably leads to problems with potency.
  5. Xanthohumol is a flavonoid found in hops, inhibits the activity of carcinogenic enzymes, preventing the development of cancer of the genitourinary system.

Thus, the useful components contained in the composition of beer, protect from cancer, improve circulation in the pelvic organs and contribute to the production of testosterone in men. This leads to increase libido, improve erection and semen quality.

It turns out that from drinking beer one use? Then where did the myths about the harmful effects of intoxicating drink on the potency? In reality it is not so simple: of great importance are the amount of consumed beer and the snack that goes with it.


Beer is rarely used in small quantities. In the evening in the company of friends it flows literally like water: you can drink several liters. Regular abuse of intoxicating drink will lead to negative health effects. Under attack and male potency.

The fact that the phytoestrogens contained in beer, are analogous to female sex hormones. Their intake of men suppresses the production of testosterone, which is responsible for stable sexual function. That's why beer has a detrimental effect on the potency in the male body begin to dominate women's hormones, which gradually lost sexual desire start to experience problems with erection, difficulties with ejaculation.

The situation is aggravated by the harmful effects of ethanol. 2 liters of 5% beer contains as much alcohol as in 250 g of vodka. This means that the abuse of intoxicating drink will experience the same side effects for potency:

the effect of beer on the potency of men myths
  • the blood circulation in the pelvic organs – a rush of blood to the penis for normal erection is no longer sufficient;
  • slowing of metabolic processes in the body, which leads to the development of obesity (one of the factors reducing potency);
  • reduced sensitivity of the penis;
  • violation of the liver, resulting begins to produce enzymes that destroy testosterone;
  • progressive damage to subcortical structures of the brain that is responsible for achieving and brightness of orgasm;
  • a reduction in the functional ability of the testicles.

Considerable damage to the body causes appetizer with which to drink beer. The use of chips, sausages, sausages, dried fish promotes the formation of cholesterol plaques on the vessel walls, impairing blood circulation and causing even greater problems with potency.

Frequent drinking of beer in large quantities is rapidly developing a beer alcoholism. Over time, it can lead a man to complete impotence.

Application rules

Doctors warn that excessive consumption of beer will sooner or later impact on men's health. The more and more consumed intoxicating drink, the less sexual desire arises and becomes less bright orgasms.

To drinking beer brought only benefits the man and had no effect on the potency, doctors recommend to follow a few rules:

  1. Choose a high quality drink by controlling the expiration date.
  2. Not to exceed the dosage safe for the body number – Bank a foam volume of 0. 5 liters per day.
  3. You cannot apply more than 2-3 times a week.
  4. Between each drink should take at least 2 days.
  5. Beer not eat fatty foods, avoid smoked.
  6. Do not mix with other types of alcohol.

Simple advice, but many men to implement them is quite difficult. The habit of daily drink beer liters with fatty snack is not so easy to eradicate. You just need to understand that the abuse of drink may lead to the inability to have children and impotence. No wonder they say: "Beer awakens the desire, but makes it impossible to exercise."