Can hemorrhoids affect the potency of men?

Hemorrhoids is the most common disease. From this disease often suffer equally women and men. Representatives of the stronger sex are often interested in the question, and does hemorrhoids potency?

According to urologists, the negative impact of the disease on male power is. Hemorrhoids blood stagnates in the pelvis, may disrupt the functionality of the prostate, is self-doubt. In addition, hemorrhoids by itself sex is less fulfilling.

But there is a solution. To prevent problems with potency and cure hemorrhoids, the patient will need to undergo the appropriate treatment. For the relief of inflammation in the hemorrhoids used conservative therapy. Hemorrhoids stage 3-4 is assigned to surgical intervention.

Hemorrhoids: types and causes

Hemorrhoids proctologic disease in which the veins are amenable to varicose and thrombosis. Pathology is equally prevalent among men and women. Suffer from hemorrhoids, even teenagers and children.

The disease is divided according to the type and stages. By stage classification is easy – there are 4 degrees of severity of the disease. Each stage has its own characteristic symptoms. As for the types of hemorrhoids, their three – internal, external and combined.


Often men are wondering what causes hemorrhoids? The main factors that provoke inflammatory processes in the veins of the rectum include:

  1. The hereditary tendency.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Lifting weights.
  4. Chronic constipation.
  5. Unbalanced nutrition.
  6. Bad habits.
  7. The presence of excess body weight.

Statistics indicate that hemorrhoids are most prevalent among office workers and people whose work involves prolonged sitting.

Symptoms of the disease

Before we find out whether the hemorrhoids potency in men, consider the characteristic symptoms of the disease. We have already talked about the fact that there are 4 degrees of severity of the hemorrhoids the severity of symptoms at each stage will be different.

Hemorrhoids 1st degree, symptoms may be absent in principle. The patient may only occasionally plagued by itching and burning in the anus. Sometimes the disease manifests itself by prolonged constipation.

Over time, the symptoms become more pronounced. Typical symptoms of hemorrhoids include:

  • Violation of the digestive process. Patients constantly appear constipation, which can be replaced by diarrhea.
  • The presence of vaginal bleeding from the anus. On the 3rd and 4th stage hemorrhoids possible even massive bleeding.
  • Itching and burning sensation during and after defecation.
  • Heaviness when walking.
  • Pain in the anus. The intensity of the pain depends on the size of the inflammation. In some cases, the pain becomes unbearable. And pain is worse while sitting or physical activity.
  • Prolapse inflamed hemorrhoids outside.

The appearance of these symptoms it is advisable to immediately consult a proctologist and go through a differential diagnosis.

The link between hemorrhoids and impotence

Or hemorrhoids can affect the potency? Of course, Yes. The first important factor is the psychological state of man. The patient feels shame in front of his chosen, so he can't relax.

In addition, falling confidence, a man becomes withdrawn and avoids sex. All these factors may eventually lead to the development of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

In addition:

  1. Hemorrhoids causes stagnant processes in the pelvis. The impaired blood flow in the region of the pelvic leads to the fact that during sexual stimulation in the cavernous body of the penis is not receiving sufficient blood.
  2. The man who is suffering from hemorrhoids, experiencing pain during sex. As a result, the patient tries to abstain from sexual contact. Especially, the pain during orgasm when the muscles of the perineum reduced.
  3. On the background of the hemorrhoids often develop congestive prostatitis. In such cases, the potency is deteriorating.
  4. During sexual intercourse men can occur a pinched hemorrhoidal veins to develop anal bleeding or simply fall out of the anus inflamed nodule. All of these factors also reduce the quality of sex life.

Thus, we can conclude that hemorrhoids negatively affects erection. Men who suffer from this disease who are prone to impotence – that's a fact.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction and hemorrhoids?

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids

The effects of hemorrhoids the potency is considered. Again, the disease can adversely affect erectile function. How to fix the situation? According to doctors, to make a good erection, a man needs to completely cure the hemorrhoids.

If a confirmed diagnosis of what the disease is at stage 1-2, it is possible to recover in house conditions, without resorting to surgery. Conservative treatment will quickly improve the quality of life of the patient and to prevent complications.

Treatment involves:

  • The use of anti-inflammatory suppositories and ointments for local use. Can also be prescribed pills to strengthen veins, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antispasmodics.
  • Diet. From the menu removed fried foods, prepared foods, meats, sweets, fizzy drinks, alcohol.
  • Compliance with the rules of hygiene. After each bowel movement the patient will need to wash the anus with cool water. To use toilet paper is prohibited.
  • Moderate exercise.

Subject to all of the above recommendations, you can quickly achieve sustained remission hemorrhoids.

It happens that the patient goes to physicians in a timely manner, resulting in the conservative treatment does not help. In such cases, hemorrhoids are treated promptly. Today, there are many techniques that help once and for all get rid of the disease.

Practicing radical and minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive methods are effective when the hemorrhoids 2-3 severity. If the disease moved to stage 4, the patient is shown to be extremely radical surgery.

Among the most popular and effective techniques include:

  1. Cryosurgery.
  2. Sclerotherapy.
  3. The hemorrhoidectomy.
  4. Ligation.
  5. Surgery Longo.
  6. Laser coagulation.

After surgery the patient will need to undergo rehabilitation. By the time it can take from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Measures of potency

If you have problems with potency, the patient will need appropriate treatment. Again, you need to initially achieve sustained remission hemorrhoids, and only then to begin treatment, ED.

So what should you do to restore libido and potency? First and foremost, you should adjust the way of life. Alcohol and tobacco must be excluded, otherwise the effect of therapeutic measures not to be.


Other highlights:

  • The patient needs to follow the diet. The menu should prevail fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, cereals, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products.
  • Mandatory physical activity. Yoga, walking, Nordic walking, relax in the pool, perform Kegel exercises.
  • Physiotherapy. Very useful if you have problems with potency. Proved successful leech therapy, su-Jok, Thai treatment, acupuncture, electrophoresis.
  • Taking drugs to increase potency in men. For normalization of sexual function you can use selective inhibitors of PDE-5, homeopathic medicines, ointments for topical application, dietary supplements.

There are a number of limitations. Patients with hemorrhoids and impotence is absolutely contraindicated hypothermia. It is also not recommended to visit sauna. Any changes in temperature sufficiently harmful to blood vessels.

Also, it is recommended to adjust the mode of the day. Sleep and recovery from work is necessary for every man. Optimal sleep 6-8 hours. It is recommended to walk in the fresh air and to avoid a long stay in a static position.