17 natural ways and techniques to increase the potency in men at home

Sexual potency is the ability of a body of men to intimacy with a partner.

improve potency in men

It depends on the following:

  • the speed of the appearance of erections in men;
  • the duration of mating in bed;
  • relaxation;
  • itself the opportunity to be sexually active, and many other details.

Let us examine in detail our theme of how to increase potency in men naturally after the age of 40, or even at an earlier age.

Because now this disease is often found in young people.

1. Determine that the list had a negative impact on your men's health

That could adversely affect virility:

  1. a sedentary lifestyle;
  2. frequent stress and nervous tension;
  3. problems with excess weight;
  4. low testosterone in the body;
  5. taking steroids to build muscles;
  6. age and the onset of male menopause;
  7. Smoking;
  8. the abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  9. diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, thyroid gland;
  10. diabetes mellitus;
  11. long abstinence;
  12. sudden changes in temperature;
  13. suppression of his libido causes incorrect psychological beliefs about intimacy.

Understanding what the cause of the disorder, then it will be easier to solve questions on the topic of how to increase potency in men after 45 years of folk remedies.

2. Consume food with special vitamins for male power

Your body needs to consume enough vitamins B, C, E a day, as well as zinc, selenium and other minerals.

What products contain these substances and which is useful for male power?

Rich in zinc

  • seafood;
  • oysters;
  • squid;
  • shrimp;
  • nuts;
  • fish;
  • peas;
  • grapes;
  • turnip;
  • meat;
  • the liver.

Rich in selenium

  • eggs;
  • garlic;
  • tomatoes;
  • apples;
  • cabbage;
  • corn;
  • rye bread.

Rich in vitamin C

  • parsley;
  • carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • citrus;
  • dogrose berries;
  • black currant.

Rich in vitamin B

  • cheese;
  • yogurt;
  • cheese;
  • yogurt;
  • other products from milk.

Rich in vitamin E

  • green onions;
  • vegetable oil;
  • spinach;
  • celery;
  • egg yolk.

Implement in your diet with these foods to worry less about how fast to increase the potency in the home folk remedies.

3. As often as you can train muscle of love

How to find this muscle of love

  1. Try to stop the stream of urination in the toilet. It is the voltage that the PC muscles allows you to do it.
  2. If your manhood is in a position of combat readiness it is the tension of this muscle causes your body to jump.

Pros trained muscle of love for man:

  • is the ability to restrain the eruption, stamina in bed;
  • better circulation in the genitals, cleaned stagnation of blood;
  • the gain of the feelings with the beloved;
  • improve potency;
  • normalization of testosterone in the body.

How to train

  1. Strain this muscle in isolation from other muscles first for a short 2-3 seconds and moving gradually towards the long contraction for 10-15 seconds. The intermediate relaxation lasts as much as voltage.
  2. If your body in readiness, put on top of a towel and make him jump up, straining the muscles of love. At the onset of extreme fatigue, restore compression later. It is also one of the methods for training Kegel muscles and getting rid of feelings on the topic of how to increase the potency at home after age 50 or 60.
  3. Practice stop jet in the toilet.

The key to success when performing these exercises is consistency and execution on the conscience.

4. Perform special exercises for the muscles of the pelvis

  1. Normal rotational motion of the pelvis (pelvis twirl in different directions, keeping hands at the waist and put his feet at the level of the shoulders).
  2. Raise and again we lower the pelvis lying on the Mat, and drawing hands and feet on the floor, knees bent (keep your hands at your sides).
  3. The bike (rotational motion feet, like riding a bike, lean back lying on the floor, arms along the body and legs rotate).
  4. Raising the knees to shoulder level with each step. There are two angles raise the knees in the front and when the hands are on the belt, and the second side in the direction of the shoulders with raised hands to his temples (you can help yourself, slightly bent support leg).
  5. The boat (lying on the belly on the inhale raise up and pull arms forward and legs back pulled back in the opposite direction, on the exhale, the arms and legs omitted). When you tension your butt will tense and then relax.
  6. Squats (feet wider than shoulder width, with your hands at your temples as in striking techniques during sparring, while breathing in a squat and strain the muscles of the buttocks, on the exhale, relax and return to its original position).

Why is it important

Need more physical activity in the pelvis, in order to keep the blood well circulated in this area.

The better filled with blood, the male organ in bed, the longer holds the erection.

Thus, the closed questions on the topic of how to increase potency in men at home fast and for a short time.

5. Don't lose often seed during lovemaking


The advantages of saving seeds after a bed:

  • a lot of energy in the body and energy;
  • the preservation of combat readiness of the penis;
  • maintaining the health of the body.

This does not mean that now, in General, can't do that. Know the right frequency.

How often this can be done depending on the age

The correct dependence of when you might lose seed in the bed depending on age:

improving potency in men food
  1. you 20 years — in 4 days once.
  2. you 30 years for 8 days once.
  3. you are 40 years old in 10 days once.
  4. 50 years — 20 days once.
  5. you are 60 — you cannot lose the seed.

Remember about this subject, follow them to be less worried about how quickly to increase the potency before the act with my girlfriend.

This does not mean that now, after 50 years, you need to refrain from intimacy with a woman and suppress your desires. No, you also consistently make love to her, just don't have the stuff liquid end! The permanence of love is important for men's health. Do not confuse the concept.

If fast finish is often repeated issue, then on our website you can learn about how to get rid of quick ejaculation.

6. Use the secret position

It is recommended to elderly persons and to persons under.

If you have a problem with apathy of your male organ, and poor circulation of blood in him, then we need to know the secret positions.

What position is bad for those who suffer from disease

At a position where the woman is on top, the blood from the penis are the easiest descends according to the law of attraction, and therefore more difficult to maintain an erection.

So use gravity in their favor.

Which positions are better to use

  1. If she lies on her stomach and you are on your feet or on your knees, but in the position above it.
  2. When she is on all fours, and you behind women.

Remember this secret in order to know a lot about how to increase the potency at home in 1 day for men after the age of 45 or younger guys.

improve potency in men exercises

7. The compression at the base of the body

  • Another advanced feature for the preservation of blood in the manhood is gripping it at the base with moderate force.
  • This way you create like a tourniquet, prevents the outflow of blood back into the body. Squeeze on a circle with the thumb and index and middle.
  • For example, to keep the firing position for your dignity, if you put on means of contraception, you can cover it at the base of the average power as described. Thus, the blood's not going anywhere and will remain alert.

8. Traditional methods

  1. Mixed carrot juice with honey and drink three times a day for 1/4 Cup.
  2. Cabbage juice.
  3. Walnuts with honey mixed in equal proportions and drink of 2 teaspoons after meals 2 times a day. To enhance the effect, taking all this along with the milk.
  4. Tincture of lungwort drug. It is boiled in water in a ratio of 1 Cup per 10 gram and drink 3 times a day.
  5. Pure aloe Vera juice is used to eating 3 times a day 1 teaspoon.
  6. Pumpkin seeds. For example, cleaned or crushed.
  7. Pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios or hazelnuts are also useful.
  8. Honey and other bee products.

10. Perform self-massage

Massage should be performed in symmetrically located points, which are responsible for potency.

In which sectors are these points

  1. On the feet, Achilles tendon;
  2. In the middle of the heel;
  3. Between waist and tailbone closer to the spine on both sides.

Do regular massage of these points to increase male power.

Knowing what points you need to work, you replenish your supply of practical knowledge on the subject of how to increase male potency at home in 50 years or any other age.

Example massage of the Achilles tendon

improving potency in men folk methods
  • In a comfortable seated position, take one of the feet to perform the massage finger and thumb the Achilles tendon.
  • Begin to RUB and massage from the top down, increasing the pressure slightly, about a minute.
  • Do the same rubbing with the other leg.
  • After to do a light pinching in the Achilles tendon of both legs in turn for about a minute. All this stimulates the genitals.

11. Use the ice

  1. The point is, take a pound of ordinary ice, crumble it and ground.
  2. Then small pieces are wrapped in gauze, is applied to various areas of the body and hold for 1 minute.
  3. First applied to the base of the skull, then to the heart, and finish area of the testicles. Here's an interesting method about how to increase the potency in 65 years elderly or younger guys. About other similar on the topic of methodologies we described in the article on causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

12. Lose weight, if there is one

One of the major problems of the potency is overweight man.

What causes obesity

The consequences of obesity, belly fat and problems with excess weight:

  • reduces the level of testosterone in the body;
  • produces female sex hormones in the body;
  • are cardiovascular disease and poor blood circulation;
  • and all this in the aggregate adversely affects the erection.

So be sure to be in shape and stay in physical form.

13. Get rid of bad habits

Negative effect on erectile function have:

improving potency in men bad habits
  • Smoking;
  • alcohol, beer;
  • various psychotropic substances;
  • bad coffee!

Get rid of these bad habits.

You need to make a choice: either you want to get rid of the problem or continue to destroy yourself?

Making the right choice, you will know the answers to questions about how to increase potency in men folk remedies and what products are best to use for this.

14. Take a contrast shower and walk in bath

  1. Trips to the bath about two times a week will help to remove the problem. Go into the steam room every time a hike in the bath, sit in it for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times, which improves blood circulation in the body.
  2. A contrast shower before going to bed also improves the blood circulation. It is better to change the temperature slowly and do not make any sudden drop in temperatures.

15. Observe sleep and getting enough sleep

  • Lack of sleep and drowsiness are bad for men's health and undermines the human psyche. Therefore, an important healthy sleep is about 8 hours of sleep as it should.
  • It is known that there are different phases of sleep, and the best man gets enough sleep, if I go to bed at 22 or 23 hours.
  • Make sure that the Windows were well pelles, and penetrated, once the light from the street. Scientists have proved that in a dark room, where does not get a single ray of light poured in better times.
  • Sometimes it will be useful even to wear night eye. This will help to sleep and remove restless thoughts about what herbs increase the potency of men or which tablet is best suited for this.

16. Don't forget about natural solutions to the problem

Active lifestyle and exercise will improve blood circulation in the genitals. It is especially recommended to those who work at the computer or sitting a lot at work.

For example, that will be helpful:

  • cross-fit exercises;
  • Jogging in the morning or evening;
  • yoga;
  • swimming;
  • Jogging;
  • massage.

17. Watch out for the emotional component, don't fall into a negative or depressive state

What you need to know for proper psychological settings:

  1. The fact that negativity, stress and depression suppress reproductive function and depresses her.
  2. The essence of reproduction is that comfort, inner harmony and perfect conditions for offspring are the main criteria.
  3. We choose its state. Take his fortune inside of himself, and not from the environment (as there always is chaotic and disorderly).
  4. Give more positive people, and will get the same answer (and if you inducere in the world is often negative, it is very much deplete yourself energetically).

That's about it. Now you know 17 techniques on the subject of how to increase male potency folk remedies and the power of attraction to women.