Exercises for men for potency at home

Many men after 40 years who are experiencing problems with reduced potency and erectile dysfunction often use the gym to improve. Can help special exercises for men for potency. Due to such studies not only improves fitness, but also eliminates congestion in the sedentary parts of the body that helps the sexual organs to receive the necessary blood flow.

exercises for potency men

What is the potency

Sexologists the term "potency" refers only to the male sexuality. This concept defines sexual possibilities representatives of the stronger sex. Potency to a certain extent, characterizes the tension of the penis, the rate of appearance of erection, duration of sex. Potency is the ability and desire to perform a sexual act. Men with sexual problems may be a lot of complexes, and psychological barriers of the disease. Normal potency roughly identify the following external signs:

  • warm hands;
  • normal weight;
  • not super laoreet muscles;
  • self-confidence;
  • clean and smooth skin;
  • developed sense of humor;
  • brisk walking;
  • high intelligence;
  • a good sense of smell;
  • low voice.

What exercises increase the potency

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, you need to swim in the pool or visit the gym. These studies improve the state of men's health and prevent stagnation in the genitals. Although, if there are already problems that are associated with reduced potency, swimming and various exercises will not help. So you need to use specialized exercises to raise potency. There is a whole range of activities:

  • the implementation of the bridge;
  • pumping the PC muscle;
  • exercise "butterfly";
  • the pendulum;
  • squats;
  • pushups on the knees.

The physical exercises increase the potency. With their regular and timely execution to avoid medication and to preserve erectile function in an active state. Generally, charging is aimed at improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs, which contributes to a longer sexual intercourse. Exercise for potency have the following positive aspects:

  • stimulate the production of testosterone;
  • eliminate stagnation in the body;
  • contribute to stress relief.

Exercises to increase potency

The sexologist, to return a man to normal sexual life, have developed a chart that includes the following exercises to improve potency:

  1. Arch. Lie on your back, hands pull along the trunk. Raise the pelvis off the floor and slowly lower it. Back remains pressed. Performed 10 times.
  2. Retention of the stone. Legs apart in a standing position. Imagine you knees clamped ball or stone. Tighten your muscles like you're holding the object. Perform 10 reps for 5 seconds each.
  3. The rotation of the pelvis. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart. Is performed standing. You need 30-40 times with a large amplitude to rotate the pelvis in each direction.

All exercises to enhance potency in men should be performed safely with a gradually increasing load. It is best to start to perform a few repetitions, increasing their number to 20. To be effective, you must do the exercises in a good mood. We should not forget about the gym and Jogging.

exercises to increase potency in men

Physical exercises to increase potency

Problems with potency contribute to a variety of factors:

  • an unbalanced diet;
  • chronic disease;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • bad habits;
  • disruption of the internal organs.

To avoid impotence and prostatitis male can help restorative physical exercises to increase potency, which can easily be done at home. Have developed trainers and doctors complexes, by which it is possible to preserve your physical and sexual health. These classes able in General to increase the potency and strengthen the male body.


An excellent prevention of prostatitis and stagnation in the prostate gland is to perform squats. Such exercises contribute to the maintenance of sexual organs, strengthening the muscles of the buttocks. It is better to start to squat 15 times. Squats definitely need to include in the complex to restore potency. These can be squats plie and sumo, classic, dynamic, and shallow. Squats and potency are interrelated because effective squats can activate the muscles of the perineum. To perform the exercise correctly, you must:

  • put feet shoulder width apart;
  • inhale deeply and on the exhale do a slow squat;
  • upon reaching the bottom point, parallel to the Mat you need to have your hands between your legs;
  • palms down on the floor;
  • next, you should stop and take 5-10 breaths;
  • on the inhale you need to rise slowly;
  • in the initial position, you can repeat the inhalation and exhalation.


The easiest way to maintain excellent physical shape is Jogging, especially for people who want to lose weight. Many doctors point out that obesity is often the cause of reduced sexual activity, so running for potency plays an important role. This exercise will help to strengthen the mind and body of a man. In addition, this sport has the following effects on the body:

  • strengthens the nervous system, increasing resistance to depression and stress;
  • improves endurance;
  • energizes and strengthens the immune system;
  • helps to keep the body in good shape;
  • trains the heart, exposure;
  • improves blood circulation in small pelvis organs;
  • helps to avoid insomnia;
  • strengthens the reproductive system of men;
  • there is an increase in the level of testosterone;
  • improves mood.
exercises for potency men running

You need to run in the fresh air. Jogging with obstacles increase self-esteem; long runs perfectly trains all the muscles and enhances the blood circulation in the genital organs, which helps to prolong the sex. At first Jogging interval it is necessary to combine Jogging with fast walking. It is better to go to school in the morning, while the training duration should be 20 minutes a day. Muscles before a jog should be warmed up. While running, the breath should be smooth.

Exercises to restore potency

The men who first faced the problem of reducing of sexual function, helps physical recovery exercises for male potency. The most affordable and easy way to increase attraction is walking, which improves blood circulation in the genitals. In this lesson, the stimulation of job of testicles. To achieve the result of walking in is worth every day it takes about 3 miles at a fast pace. There are other exercises to restore potency:

  1. Front step. You need to March in place for at least 5 minutes (and then maybe increasing the time), while trying to raise high the knees, pulling them to the stomach. Hands you can make a head. This exercise warms up the joints.
  2. Skipping. Starting position – legs bent at the knees. We need to start running in place, socks must be pressed to the floor, and the heel need to raise up the queue. While performing the task need to quickly set the knees forward.
  3. Butterfly. Lying on the floor, bring feet to buttocks. Put your hands on your knees and raise legs to the side. Lower back can not be off the floor. You should try to touch the knee joints of the Mat. While driving you can help your hands. The exercise is done on the exhale, slowly, but with the muscle tension. The feet also carried out on the exhale, but it does not help, but resist.

Exercises for the prostate

During the execution of exercises to strengthen the potency significantly improves the function of muscles located in the pelvic part. It also reduces the extremes of abdominal pressure that leads to natural massage of the prostate, improvement of metabolic processes in the prostate gland and enhance the blood flow to the sex organ. Exercises for the prostate can help to improve the functioning of the nervous system, adrenal function, elimination of inflammatory processes.

Exercises for the prostate massage

Great therapeutic value for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the prostate is prostate massage. His conduct provides the necessary blood flow to the important for your sex organs. Even if the procedure is to spend a few hours before intercourse, it can help to ensure a stable erection and lifting potency during it. The most effective exercises for prostate massage:

  1. Stretching the back. Starting position – on his knees. It is necessary to tilt the chest to the floor for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Retraction of the anus. This can be done throughout the day and in any place, sitting or standing. You need to strongly involve the anus for 10 seconds. Repeat for one approach can be 3 times.
  3. Leg to your chest. Lying on the floor, should pull the bent knee to your chest. Stretch the gluteal and lumbar muscles. Hold it 10 seconds.
  4. For the back muscles. On his knees, you should stretch the abdominal muscles. Simultaneously raise your arm and opposite leg. To keep 10 seconds.
Kegel exercises for men potency

Kegel exercises for men for prostatitis

Proper exercise for potency men help to improve the condition of the pelvic floor muscles and erection of the penis. In addition, there is an increase in the volume and force of ejaculation, premature ejaculation disappears. The most effective are Kegel exercises for men for prostate. The popularity of this sort of exercise is that it can be performed without preparation in the home. Some kegels:

  1. About a minute is necessary to produce contraction of the muscles of the perineum and weakening them. The action should be repeated 10 times, gradually increasing the time cuts. A maximum of 20 seconds.
  2. Relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the inguinal region. Is driving and straining the gluteal muscles pulling the anus. You need to do 10 reps, gradually increase to 50.
  3. To celebrate small need. Must be at least 4 times to try to slow the jet. This necessarily straining the muscles.

Exercises to increase libido

The concept of libido - psychological, potency and physiological. They are closely linked. It is often a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction occurs due to stress, trauma, fatigue, feelings of anxiety, so here can not always help exercises for men for potency. You may need to consult a psychologist and a sexologist. Although there is a set of classes, which includes exercise to increase libido:

  1. Lying on the back. It is necessary to RUB the palm of your hand. Drop the head on the right hand and the left – attached to the genitals. Straining the anus and the muscles of the legs, squeezes the genitals, gently pulling them. Perform this exercise 20 times.
  2. Strength training. Weightlifting helps your body to produce testosterone. It is possible only to perform a few sit-UPS and push-UPS.
  3. Brisk walking barefoot. In this walk it is necessary not at home on the carpet, on the rocks or the grass. There are contraindications: skin diseases.

The information presented in the article is exploratory in nature. The article is not calling for self-medication. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of the particular patient.