Top ranking of the best in 2018, funds for the power men

What to do to improve sexual health? The majority of men do not know how to behave correctly in this situation, that your medical request. According to surveys, less than 5% of the respondents come from a consultation with a urologist. Take care of power – take care of your health.

Home remedies to improve power.

folk remedies

Bad habits, unfavorable external factors (environment, stress, depression, problems in personal life) – the reasons for the weakening of men's health. Reaching 50 years on the outside, many men take home remedies to improve power, believe herbal methods of treatment harmless in comparison with drugs. Before treatment popular ways to review your life style and eliminate the factors that gave impetus to the disease. To reduce the power lead:

  • the alcohol and its negative effects on the health of man;
  • is prohibited. The chemical components, included in cigarette smoke negatively affect the production of testosterone.
  • Improper diet (excessive consumption of fats and fried foods), which reduces the power.
  • Stress, problems of a personal nature do not add to the men's health.

Problems with potency occur when there is disease:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels;
  • inflammatory infections of the urinary system.

The most effective home remedies treatment power

In the ranking of drugs for potency in men, ten popular remedies:

10.Ginseng siberian

It is rich in minerals, that increase male potency. The sedative of the central nervous system. The inclusion in the diet of each day — prevention of diseases the male, vigorous mood.

9. St. john's wort

A tool for strengthening the immune system, improve male potency. The decoction is recommended the consumption of half a cup three times a day. St. john's wort — a tool that strengthens, therefore, need of laxative medicines.


It is used to increase the power. Helps restore erectile function, increases libido. Consumed in the form of broths, herbal teas, added to salads. Broth nettle, improves the metabolism and stimulates the sexual function. Herbal infusion is used three times a day before meals, it is recommended that the dose of a third of a cup. Contra-indication: disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Liqueur, natural honey, seed of nettle, red wine (the proportion of identical components) is taken prior to sexual contact. The infusion improves the erection, increases the length of sexual contact.

7. Ginkgo Biloba

The cradle plant – China. The components are included, improve blood circulation, treat of inflammatory processes. The course of treatment of three months.

From the leaves of the culture, prepare the dye. 50 g of leaves of Ginko Biloba, pour a bottle of vodka and insist in a dark place for 14 days. Take before meals, three times a day for 20 drops.


Helps to combat impotence. Selenium, which is included, to produce testosterone, molybdenum is a stimulant of male sexual function.

5. Honey

It is rich in zinc, vitamins B And e, essential for prostate. After the ingestion of honey, drink a glass of hot milk for a better result.

4. Ginseng

Stimulates the power. Promotes the support of the libido. Normalizes the testosterone and erection.

3. Hoppy tea

The alternative of pills to improve power. 1 tablespoon of cabbage chopped, pour in boiling water, survive on a low fire for five minutes. Use three times per day, in the middle of the cup.


Pistachio, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, and stimulate the libido. In the presence of iron and zinc, which needs men of power.



The herb of passion. The reception means promotes improvement of blood circulation, expansion of blood vessels. Inhibits the accumulation of cortisol, which causes the erection problem, invigorate the immune system.

Home remedies to improve power, an excellent way to return the health of men.

The list of "grandmother of methods to improve the male potential is more wide, are mentioned the most popular.

How to prepare safe herbal preparations?

10 recipes to increase the power

Recipe no. 1.Com the basis quinquefolia

Dried, roots grinding, flooding-the 70% alcohol in the ratio of 1:5. Store in a closed container in the dark. Shake with the time. After 10 days, strain. Take two times per day food intake with a spoonful of the soup, adding water. Treatment course of 2 weeks.

Recipe no. 2. On the basis of ginseng

1 part soup of ginseng root pour 2 parts vodka. In the interior of the vessel 10 days to keep in the dark, sometimes, to play. Method of application: inside, before a meal, three times a day for 20 drops of water.Dye we accept month.

Recipe no. 3. The base nuts

Mix shredded walnuts with honey in the same proportion. Method of application: within 30 minutes after the meal to 2 teaspoons three times per day, drink milk. Receive medication for about a month.

Recipe no. 4. Based on vegetation

Mix salsa and cilantro in the same proportion. Grind.A tablespoon of vegetation mix with the food. Consumed constantly.

Recipe no. 5. The base of garlic

A kilo of chopped garlic, pour the warm water in a three-liter bank. Closed the ability to store in the dark for about a month, shaking every day. Dilute 1 teaspoon of the infusion in a glass of milk. Taken on a daily basis.

Recipe no. 6. Based on luke

Pour 1 tablespoon of the pulp luke cup of boiling water, survive in the water bath for 15 minutes. Paper filter. Reception: 2 to 3 times per 20 minutes prior to food intake of half a cup.

Recipe no. 7. On the basis of thyme

Serves a tea, using the 3-month dry inflorescences of the plants and 1 tablespoon of black tea. Pour boiling water, insist 7 minutes.Paper filter. Optionally, add the honey.

Recipe no. 8. The base of honey and aloe vera.

Serves as balm. Charge 500 g of honey and red wine (16 and 17). Crushed the leaves 3-5 years of aloe vera, which is not watered until the cutting of 5 days. The ingredients are mixed, stored in the refrigerator 5 days. Before use the filter paper.

Take for 1 hour before eating three times per day, 1 teaspoon. A week later, gradually increase the dose to 1 tablespoon. Course of treatment a month. Interruption of treatment is 10 days. Repeat the treatment.

Recipe no. 9. Based in calamus


Ground 2 tablespoons of the root of calamus, pour in the vodka (150 ml). Insist on a period of 3 days. Use three times per day 10 drops. We recommend that after 50, 60 years.

Recipe no. 10. Based in pumpkins

Pumpkin seeds in the blender. Add the honey. Equal proportions of products. Reception: 5 to 6 times 1 tablespoon.

Which improves the power or treatment without medicines

To improve the power use of not only drugs, but also therapy without medicines. Diets, vitamins, recreational activities and classes of physical culture are reflected positively in sexual health.

The power in improvement the power

The treatment of power, without medication combined with diet. In the diet, the availability of products that promote the health of men. Are divided into harmful and beneficial. Coffee refers to the first group. Replace the cocoa.

Power to take care of potato and macaroni, muffins. Excess calories not to aggravate the men possibilities, but hangs too many pounds on the hips and abdomen. Meats cooked with the And additives do not improve the sexual power. Consumption of soft drinks, energy drinks – the ratio of development of diabetes, heart problems, obesity. The addiction to alcohol leads to erectile dysfunction.

In the menu available in:

  • nuts, vegetable oils, oil seeds;
  • green;
  • fruits, vegetables, fruits;
  • dairy products;
  • fish and seafood, meat;
  • the egg.

White mushrooms use when disorders sexual. Recipe: grind 500 g of white dried mushrooms into powder, pour 2 tablespoons of vodka, pour 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add the water, creating a disorder. Take two times a day for 1 St. l. Revenue calculated in the course of treatment.

Do not forget the water. Drink 1.5 litres of treated water per day. Remember: juices, soft drinks, sweet drinks – not water.

Attention! To make it a sexual man feat prepare a cocktail: pour peppers (red, black, chile, white) in a glass of tomato juice, add garlic, horseradish, mustard, etc. Mix. Cocktail acts with certainty.

Vitamins for male power


Vitamins and minerals help strengthen the body and improve the working of the organs. Contribute to the normalization of male sexuality, restore the erection. Vitamin A to strengthen the immune system, resume sexual life. Source — pumpkin seeds and chicken with egg yolk, cod liver oil and carrots.

Vitamin B1 – for the stimulation of cerebral circulation, endurance, normalization of sleep. Is contained in the flesh of pork, beans, oats, and potatoes. Vitamin B6 – stabilizer functioning of the nervous system, produces serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Is in the eggs and bananas, seafood, and carrots, sunflower seeds. Vitamin B3 acts on the brain activity, the circulation of the blood. Rich sugar beet, ground nuts, salt-water fish. Vitamin B9 — is responsible for the normal sexual life. Source — citrus fruits, the cheese, the parsley and the celery.

Vitamin C saturates the blood, the genitals, which strengthens the libido. Use herbs and tomatoes, cabbage and citrus fruit, rosehip and black currant, the Bulgarian pepper. Vitamin D helps produce testosterone, which is responsible for the erection and quality of sperm. Great content in dairy products, eggs and fish fat.

The vitamin E leads to a state of normal sexual health. Ensuring the production of testosterone, and the aging of the sperm. Produced from wheat flour and bran of cereals, milk and meat, spinach and vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. Minerals: calcium and magnesium, selenium and zinc contribute to the solution of problems in male.

Physical form — a tool for the revitalization of power

Physical exercises help to improve or regain power. To normalize the blood supply of the pelvis, improves the production of sex hormones, reduce the possibility of the development of atherosclerosis, improve the power of a man. Good, swimming, running, yoga, hiking. The strengthening exercises of the muscles of the pelvis. Are not difficult exercises. Perform a circular rotation of the pelvis, the slopes for the sides with the force of each man.

Holiday – tool to stabilize the power

If a man is tired or stressed, about the sex, you can forget. Decreased sexual desire affect the power of the negative, so remember about your complete leisure. Steam and fishing, a trip to the sea or on a ride, a walk in the forest for mushrooms and berries, the recovery in a sanitarium. Is not a complete list, how to rest and gain strength.