Safe remedy for potency in men

Signs of male impotence are unsuccessful sexual acts. Frequent failures, sexually, men lose confidence, get depressed, sometimes even to develop disease of a psychological nature. Most often, patients begin to increase the potency at home, alone, using the most harmless means. However, it is not always men can not cope with the problem alone, you need a secure means for potency.

Erectile dysfunction are called organic, pathological process, which develops due to disorders in the circulatory system. Drugs to increase potency in men, shall not have adverse effects, especially for patients who are in the Mature age category. It is very important that the funds were safe for the cardiovascular system.

Dietary supplements

Among the safest means to restore potency, a special place is dedicated to buds. They are considered the most safe drugs, this is due to their vegetable origin. Manufacturers of dietary Supplements, do not register the drugs as dosage forms.

Potency is restored by using natural ingredients:

  • Schizandra;
  • ginseng;
  • onion seeds tuberous;
  • deer antler;
  • yohimbe;
  • Lingzhi mushrooms;
  • Chinese Goji;
  • other natural components.

Dietary supplements are considered harmless because they do not have side effects. However, it is impossible to speak with confidence about all biological supplements. If the patient will drink a lot more, with a dosage, after using some herbal remedies that can occur intoxication.

Some experts do not trust biological additives and their effectiveness. They believe that in the manuals for use and describes the action of drugs, lots of lies. Supplements are not examined, but only tested. There are doubts regarding the progress in percentage. Moreover, these drugs require prolonged treatment.

Many patients, after going through a few courses to increase potency supplements, have not noticed any changes for the better. Other patients point to the negative effects of this therapy, in the form of broken, cholesterol, lipid metabolism, insomnia, flightiness.

You can throw away large sums of money, and the expected result did not appear. Men against this background, lose confidence in the ability to bring the sexual life to normal, delaying a visit to a relevant specialist for the prescription of effective therapy.

Recommendations for choosing drugs to treat sexual impotence, but I can't. The doctor takes into account the severity and stage of the pathological phenomenon, the age of men, possible additional cash diseases of the genitourinary tract.

More tips for men on choosing a safe male enhancement

Some men prefer it is safer to increase the potency using products based on plant components.

Despite the large variety of medicines for the return of male power, men do not rule out the use of folk remedies, considering them to be absolutely safe.

Honey products

The honey has a rich vitamin a, zinc, macro -, micro-elements necessary for prostate health. To use honey, you need to drink it with warm milk.

Rhizome ginseng

The root of this medicinal plant, is considered the best male sexual tonics. Thanks to the funds based on ginseng increases libido, sexual dysfunction disappears, which is shown on a background of stress, overwork. The active substance of rhizomes of ginseng involved in the tide of testosterone.



Men are recommended in your daily diet add nuts. It may be sesame, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts. In the composition of these products include zinc, arginine, iron, selenium. You can make honey nut mass, which is to take a spoonful, three times daily. The medicinal composition is very delicious and healthy.