Modern methods of treatment of impotence in men

Treatment of impotence in men is a topical question of interest to many, as sexual weakness is increasingly becoming a cause of many psychological problems and family conflicts. Most of the representatives of the strong half, incapable of normal sexual relations, lose interest and give up, thinking himself inferior. This approach to the problem wrong.


Impotence – not a sentence! Modern technology and advances in medicine allow us to effectively treat the disease. It is very important not to remain alone with the problem: in the self test first signs of impotence should immediately consult a specialist who will help as quickly as possible to restore male sexual function. We'll talk more about the problem of sexual impotence and methods of their treatment.

Understand the concepts

Erectile dysfunction or impotence in men is a widespread disease which leads to the failure occurrence or maintain an erection of sufficient rigidity and duration required to fully meet sexual partners.

It leads to reduced quality of life, is considered a sign of aging, is a manifestation or consequence of depression, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. At impotence man is not able to have intercourse.


Many men wonder how to diagnose erectile dysfunction? On the development and progression of the disease is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • lack of sex drive;
  • the impossibility of sexual intercourse and the implementation of male sexual function;
  • different kinds of erectile dysfunction;
  • complete absence of erection with a new sexual excitement;
  • disorders of ejaculation.

Upon detection of at least one of these symptoms, you must urgently go to the doctor-urologist.

The causes and etiology of sexual inability in men

Typically impotence in men (impotence) is the result of an interaction of somatic, psychological, personal and social influences. In most cases, the disease is complex and is caused by disorders of the endocrine system, genital organs, the higher parts of the brain and peripheral nervous system.

It is not an independent disease, and develops on the background of painful symptoms which accompany the main disease.

Erectile dysfunction in young people cause mainly psychological causes, men aged 40 years, it develops as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and the effect of organic factors: sclerosis of blood vessels, hypertension, deficiency of movement, malnutrition, alcohol abuse and Smoking.

Organic causes of impotence are installed in the course of a thorough medical examination, psychological factors are determined by doctors and therapists.

How to prevent the disease?

To prevent reduced potency, need to lead a healthy lifestyle, correct and rational eating, regular exercise, sexual activity, and to do special physical exercise, limiting alcohol use, not abuse, Smoking, steroids, monitor health and regularly visit a urologist.

It is important to treat cardiovascular disease, follow the diet, consume food products rich in vitamins b, A, C and E, to maintain the body in good shape. If impotence diagnosed, you shouldn't give up. Modern methods and means of treatment help to effectively cope with the disease. Most importantly, do not postpone the visit to a specialist and start treatment in time. About him and talk.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

Modern medicine provides the most extensive treatment of impotence. Many technologies, techniques and methods, which have in stock of domestic and foreign clinics, allow you to quickly and effectively solve any sexual problems. In the early stages of actively practiced herbal medicine.

In foreign clinics are successfully used surgical methods for the treatment of sexual impotence and psychotherapy, our experts special emphasis on the medication. Consider the practice of treatment of impotence in Russia and abroad.


Methods of Russian medicine

Whether treated impotence in Russia? So! It is very effective. Every day in the state, a growing number of clinics and centers that can provide professional services in this area. They guarantee confidentiality and effect after the complex procedures. In their modern inventory software and hardware, innovative technology and effective medication.

The treatment is carried out by the best specialists: surgeons, urologists, psychotherapists. Reviews on these medical institutions. They practice the following methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction:

Treatment of impotence in the clinic

1 - Drug treatment of sexual impotence: is reduced to taking medications that stimulate an erection. Doctors prescribe the dose and establish the frequency of taking the drugs. Their effect lasts for 4-24 hours.

2 - Injection treatment: involves the introduction into the body of the penis a special medication of prostaglandin E1. It provides a vasodilator effect. After injection, blood rushes to the bodies, so that is an erection. This impotence treatment in Moscow and other cities of Russia is considered one of the most effective.

3 - vacuum Treatment (mechanical method): involves the use of a cylinder that fits over the penis. Using the pump cylinder creates a negative pressure caused by the flow of blood to the cave the bodies and appearance of erection.

4 - Surgical technique: turning to it only if none of the above methods of treatment has not given result. He meant holding phalloprosthetics – surgical operations, in which the penis is implanted silicone prosthesis.

Date the national clinics have successfully practiced drug treatment of impotence in diabetes. In such cases focuses on the selection of drugs against dysfunction: doctors make the appointment, based on the availability of sexual activity and condition of the patient, after a precise determination of causal factors and specify possible contra-indications to sexual activity.

Effective against erectile dysfunction in men abroad

Practice of the foreign clinics for the effective treatment of impotence in men very successful. Many medical centers in Belarus, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria offer upscale services for the treatment of impotence. Special emphasis should be given to hospitals in Israel. The reviews on them are very good.

The Israeli clinics are provided with all the necessary equipment for diagnosis and treatment of impotence. They employ only the best professionals who in practice use a wide range of sophisticated methods of influence. Psychogenic impotence can be successfully treated by conducting a psycho-training sexopathologists and psychotherapists.

At organic erectile dysfunction the medications used for substitution treatment, restoration of nerve conduction, increase blood flow and male libido. The treatment of sexual instability in males in Israel, effective at 95-98%.

As practice shows, ways to combat impotence, a lot. So if you experience problems of a sexual nature, do not despair. Effective treatment of the disease in hospitals or clinics abroad will provide the result soon.

Typical early symptoms of impotence, and approaches to their elimination

The worst diagnosis for the full force of men is erectile dysfunction. No matter what caused the failure in the body, and what the true causes of impotence, most patients, especially the aged refers to reproductive, agree to any treatment to recover their men's ability.

General characteristics

The General concept of "male impotence" refers to a physiological state, when it is impossible to conduct sexual intercourse. This characterization is rather vague. The thin line between abnormalities and natural abilities very deceptive, and is perceived by men is ambiguous. Besides the personal attitude of men to their sexual ability is much different. And the fact that one is perceived by pathology, for another it may be the top possibilities. In any case, to determine impotence can male impotence. The first signs of impotence in the form of sudden misfires during intercourse should bring man to bad thoughts and to push for decisive steps.

For men, however, impotence is perceived as a shameful fact, especially if the patient's age still has not reached 40, 50 years. Therefore, for young men it is natural to exaggerate their sexual performance, but after the problem has occurred to conduct a pseudo treatment with oral medication-stimulants. Patients after 40, 50 years, ignore such problems and refuse intimate relations, writing off the variances of age.

Few people think that finding the cause of impotence, you can easily pick up an effective treatment by eliminating the source of much years to forget about the problem.

For the occurrence of impotence in men creates a favorable soil at the level of the neurogenic and vascular, organic and psychogenic, hormonal abnormalities. Such a wide range of sources of problems due to the complexity of the mechanism of erection. In fact, the reaction in the form of an erection takes place instantly, in spite of the need directly the emergence of the thrust receiving neurogenic signal and the filling the penis to the required size and density of blood. For a young age is typical of lightning initiation. But men, aged over 40 years, you need time to bring the penis to "combat readiness."

The process can also be associated with certain difficulties. The variances are and other problems in the form of lethargy an erection, loss of density of the member after initiation, early or rapid ejaculation. So the failure makes it impossible to carry out normal sexual intercourse, happen at any level. Therefore, to impotence in men and there are different characteristics.

treatment potency

What is erectile dysfunction in men

Age men's issues is not limited to a certain range. Documented cases of sexual weakness from guys who have not attained 18 years of age, and impotence in men after 40, 50 years. Age also affects the type of pathology. So, primary impotence is fixed the boys up to 16 years if the erection does not arise at all.

All other cases of sexual insolvency men, aged 18-60 years, referred to a secondary pathology. In this case, symptoms of impotence can be determined by:

  • reduction or complete absence of libido, and therefore there is no excitation;
  • the lack of night and morning erections, which allow us to determine the natural level of potency;
  • the lack of erectile response, that means a full sexual inadequacy in the form of not filling the penis with blood;
  • there is an erection, does not allow to enter the penis and to carry out a sexual act;
  • loss of density of the penis after the introduction but before the ejaculation;
  • premature or rapid ejaculation.

Any of these symptoms of impotence allow the diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction", even if they do not occur in the complex. In the case of simultaneous presence of several signs of sexual weakness to rectify the mechanisms of development is much more problematic.