Vitamins for men — an important factor in the increase potency

Without income vitamins in the organism of normal human activity is practically impossible. These invisible substances contained in food or special supplements in microscopic amount necessary to:

  1. Improving the immune system.
  2. Normalize the cell renewal process of the skin and internal organs.
  3. Develop in the required amount of various hormones, including sex.
  4. Ensure sufficient blood flow to the genitals.
  5. Increase stamina of the body.
  6. Build muscle.
  7. Enhance sexual desire.
  8. Productivity.

With a lack of certain food elements rapidly deteriorating human health, reduced ability to work, lost the attraction to the opposite sex. The appearance of such symptoms as weakness, loss of vitality, deterioration of the skin and hair, it should be possible to diversify the diet, and if necessary also to take special vitamin complexes and drugs for potency men.

What vitamins help to improve potency

Of course, the male body needs a variety of nutrients, because they all affect the functioning of the body. However, some vitamins have the greatest impact exactly on the reproductive system: vitamins</1_img>

  1. Vitamin E for potency is indispensable, because it enhances the blood flow to the male genitals. In addition, this substance contributes to a better regeneration of cells of the whole organism, and has antioxidant properties.
  2. Vitamin C greatly increases the elasticity of blood vessels, considerably boosts circulation and, thus, provides blood flow to the male genitals. This substance is indispensable for a sufficient increase in the level of testosterone and reliable prevention of prostatitis.
  3. Vitamin D for potency is also necessary because it increases the synthesis of sex hormones, increases sexual desire.
  4. The b vitamins are required for protection of the liver, the production of hormones, improve body tone and maintain many other functions.
In addition to these substances on the health of the male reproductive system is also influenced by the content of microelements in food, primarily zinc and selenium.

Which contains vitamins for male potency

Any fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in these or other vitamins, but in the greatest concentration of useful substances are contained:

  1. Vit. E — in olive and sunflower oil, yolk, eggs, green onions, and celery.
  2. Vit. With citrus, pickled or fresh cabbage, bright orange carrots, onions, green parsley.
  3. Vit. D — fish oil, chicken or quail eggs, fat cottage cheese, cheese, quality butter, fresh milk.
  4. Vit. group In — in nuts, dairy products, carrots, fish, different cereals, bread, pasta.

Important for men minerals to the greatest extent are contained in seafood, sea fish, garlic, nuts for men, rye bread, corn and tomatoes.

When necessary additional vitamins for men

Under the condition of a balanced diet need of the male body in the vitamins covered almost completely. But each man eats at least 500-600 grams of vegetables and fruits daily? Enough nutrients contain greenhouse tomatoes or cucumbers in the winter? About the benefits of canned pieces and can not speak, because the only thing that they have in sufficient quantities is calories.

vitamins for men</2_img>

Thus, in some cases, there is the need for additional intake of nutrients in the form of monotherapies, or complex tools. It is recommended to enrich your body with medicines with vitamins in the following cases:

  1. In the off season — late fall and early spring, when the content of nutrients in fresh products is minimal.
  2. For frequent colds and various inflammatory diseases.
  3. If a man is a smoker. When Smoking at an accelerated pace destroys vitamin C, therefore supplementation of this substance is just need.
  4. In case of strong stresses and high emotional loads. Due to the high stress in the body accelerates the process of spending nutrients for life support, so no vitamin "doping" in this case is not necessary.
  5. During convalescence after injuries, operations, serious illnesses.
  6. Diseases of the liver, intestines and other organs, in which the vitamins absorbed from food is not fully.

How to take vitamins

The dosage of each drug is usually indicated on the package. These funds take, usually during meals or after it. Recommended levels of intake it is better not to exceed, otherwise it may cause harmful side effects.

Vitamins C, b, E it is usually available in the form of tablets or capsules. These should be taken in full, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions.

Vitamin D best taken with a small amount of water or other liquid.

Better to use these drugs is complex, then their effect is only amplified. Therefore, the greatest efficiency has specially developed a comprehensive food Supplement with vitamins.

Vitamins to increase potency in men can be purchased in the form of a special set tailored to the needs of the male body in nutrients.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to reception of vitamin preparations quite a bit. Of course, should be abandoned only in cases of individual intolerance or in the presence of certain diseases. So, from the use of vitamin E it is better to abstain from cardio, and immediately after myocardial infarction.

C caution need to be taking vitamin complexes in the presence of kidney stones, gastric ulcer..

If you exceed the dosage some unwanted effects: sleepiness, or, conversely, insomnia, skin rashes, exacerbation of gastritis, increased stone formation in the kidney, thrombosis of the veins.

To avoid unwanted effects and obtain acceptance of the above funds only benefits, you should consult a doctor and take vitamin supplements courses, but not always.

Subject to reasonable application of multivitamin complexes not only improve overall health, but will disappear problems with potency.