The increased potency of men: list of effective methods

Increased potency in men, can become a pathology if it brings discomfort, pain, is caused by various diseases and factors not controlled by man. But in most cases this term among the representatives of the stronger sex is a condition when a person is ready to commit long-lasting and high-quality sexual acts does not experience problems with ejaculation and erection, gets moral satisfaction from intimacy and can deliver to the partner a good orgasm.

Increase potency in men

Often reduced potency in men on the background of stress, physical and mental overwork, unfavorable situation at home and at work, various failures and diseases in the body, excess weight, age-related changes and many other factors. Let's see what drugs increase the potency in men and how to achieve a positive effect in a natural way.

That increases the potency

To answer the question of how to increase potency in men safely and quickly, experts say the need for a comprehensive approach. There are a huge number of ways, but all of them can be divided into several groups:

  • natural methods for obtaining high potency, including maintaining an active healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and normalization of sleep and wakefulness;
  • the use of special devices, for example, prostate massagers and vacuum cylinders;
  • use, and homeopathic medicines, dietary Supplements in tablets and capsules, injections, ointments, drops, gels, and others;
  • the use of surgical implants, if all other methods do not have the desired effect.

Natural ways to increase potency

To learn how to increase male potency natural ways, you just need to pay attention to main principles of a healthy lifestyle. It is the preservation and active introduction into their life and help to make a man healthier and fitter, improve erections and libido, sensation during intimacy.

Natural ways to increase potency

So, to increase potency and strengthen the immune system, experts recommend:

  1. Moderately doing sports. Too intense physical activity lead to reduced potency and vitality as a sedentary lifestyle. It is advisable to do 2-4 times a week under the supervision of a good coach in any sport that you like, for example, swimming, cardio load, run, wrestling.
  2. Balanced diet. You need to eat 4-5 times a day. The diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber. For men it is important the presence in food of vitamins E, A, group B, C, zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese, iron, and sulfur. And some products are better excluded from the diet. That snacks, fast food, meats and pastry, fried food and products which have fragrances, preservatives, dyes.
  3. Water also has a great influence on the potency. Preferably a day to drink 2 to 3 liters. A small amount of green and black tea, and gourmet coffee won't hurt in moderation. But the alcohol, sweet drinks, energy – enemies increased potency.
  4. Hardening, water treatments, sunbathing, visiting the baths and saunas, as well as other treatments to strengthen the immune system will have positive effect on potency. But it is important to remember that everything is good in moderation. The holding of such procedures has a number of contraindications, for example, no steam bath or sauna in the presence of cardiovascular diseases.
  5. The rejection of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol harm the potency, has a negative impact on overall health and immunity. The faster you say "no" to Smoking and alcohol abuse, the better you will feel.
  6. Tracking your health. Preventive examinations by specialists will help to detect many diseases and cure them without any consequences for health. Also, you need to ensure to avoid excess weight, as each pound places additional pressure on all organs and systems, as well as increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  7. Conduct regular sex life. Only the constant sex, in moderation, can be "fully prepared". It is also important to keep the loyalty of the partner. This will avoid unnecessary excitement and to get maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Only a comprehensive approach in compliance with all of these recommendations will help to achieve increased potency. If you will take only pills prescribed by doctor or yourself chosen, then the desired effect may not be obtained. In addition, self-medication can lead to deterioration of health.

The use of drugs for increased potency

Among the most popular drugs that increase potency in men, worth noting:

  • means to stimulate erection that are sold in the pharmacy;
  • preparations to soothe and relieve the effects of stress, of overwork, over-voltage;
  • remedies to improve blood supply the penis and pelvic organs;
  • homeopathic medicines with a natural composition for restorative and immunostimulatory effect that boost libido and potency;
  • Dietary supplements aimed at the prevention and elimination of erectile dysfunction and other "male" problems.
  • vitamin-mineral complexes, and other drugs designed to improve General health, strengthen immunity, and replenish the deficit of useful substances necessary for normal erections and libido.

The use of dietary Supplements for potency

The use of drugs and dietary Supplements for increased potency

The list of drugs that increase potency in men and are homeopathic, includes a variety of tools. Their action is more gentle and reserved, but also gives the desired effect in the correct and regular application.

Dietary supplements for increased potency are especially in demand, as they have a few contradictions, fully or partly natural, soft effect, not only on the urinary system, but also on his whole body. Made these funds on the basis of old recipes, but using modern technologies and developments. Most of them have been clinically tested and have all necessary certificates confirming quality and safety documents.

Before using any drug you need to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can pick up the tool to improve potency or to conduct a comprehensive treatment in the presence of serious problems.

The use of folk recipes

Increase libido and potency in men of different ages can be using popular recipes, among which are very popular are:

  1. Honey-nut mixture. Several varieties of nuts, such as walnuts, wild almonds, and peanuts, combined in equal proportions, mix with natural liquid honey. To make this remedy you need a spoonful a day for several weeks.
  2. Eating garlic and onions. High potency contribute to the inclusion in the diet cilantro, dill, parsley, celery, seafood and other aphrodisiacs, rich in nutrients.
  3. Add in food, the use of decoctions and tinctures of ginseng, ginger, calamus and other useful plants. Decoctions of herbs and certain types of pomace from animals, for example, from the anal glands of the beaver, will help restore virility.

Increased potency in men contribute to special exercises. Exercise the muscles in the intimate area will help to further control the erection and make her stand and complete, to prolong intercourse and make the feel of the orgasm brighter.


Stress, improper diet and alcohol lead to the fact that at a young age, the question arises, how to increase male potency natural ways without using drugs. You should not hesitate to see a doctor with erectile dysfunction. Modern means you can easily and safely increase male libido, to increase the amount of testosterone and maintain attraction to women at the right level. In men at any age and in any condition may experience failures in the intimate sphere that is in no way testifies to the impotency. If shyness and fear to show about the inferiority does not allow you to refer to qualified help, you need to learn how to raise the potency in the home. There are plenty of recommendations and techniques how to raise male potency folk remedies.

However, the systematic problems of a sexual nature you should not rely only on traditional ways to instantly become erect. Prevention is the best remedy to keep men's health to old age. If the implementation of the recommendations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle do not ensure a stable increase in potency and male failures are starting to be chronic in nature, without medical intervention is necessary. It is necessary to remember that impotence may be the result of certain diseases that at home cured.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to increase the potency of men, you should not immediately resort to tablets, erectile dysfunction. They preferred when other means do not help or give insufficient effect. To regain good erections and libido, to feel again the vivid sensations and sexual arousal can and by natural means, and receiving means of natural origin.

Especially, if the reduced potency caused by fatigue, stress or adverse conditions. But if within a few weeks the natural measures, including the normalization of nutrition and sleep, not give improve the condition and erection problems added to other disturbing symptoms, e.g., pain and difficulty with urination, you should immediately contact a specialist, do not self-medicate.